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Announcement: This page is multifaceted
The reasons for it's creation are listed below
  1. Projects related to the EasyHack tag (per jluc]) and/or Low Hanging Fruit
  2. List current ongoing Scribus projects and who is working on that (roadmap stuff)

A list of tasks

  • migrate python scripts to scripter2
  • Indic RTL script (link aggregation of all related bugs in one place)
  • help review and test new features (new importer)
  • Write documentation for new import formats
  • Better seamless updates of the git repos with the svn so the devs that use git don't need to be concerned and jump right in to their work.



  • Python script repository
  1. Creating a python script repo
  2. UI for accessing scripts via Scribus (think this exists already)
  3. Spiffy 'ReadTheDocs' type of manual on how to code Scribus python scripts with screenshot examples for each script
  4. Perhaps use a github gist model:
  • Think about migrating away from MantisBT
  1. Move away from the barred entry access of the bugracker (example: where users need to write for permission to open an account - unless there some psychology around why this is set up like this)
  2. Better captcha support
  3. Support different authentication schemes, oauth with gitbub, bitbucket, stackexchange etc..
  4. Integrated wiki in to bug tracker. (Separate from main site)
Possible solutions:
  1. Trac
  2. Github
  3. Gitlab
  4. The Bug Genie
  • Create a template repo where users can share and collaborate on templates
  • Utilitizing a Continuous Integration software like Jenkins
(ex: Gimp) The builds could be set to build bi-monthly and ideally would contain all supported platforms