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(How can I contribute to Scribus?)
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'''Other languages:''' [[Jak pomóc w rozwoju Scribusa|Polski (pl)]]
'''Other languages:''' [[Jak pomóc w rozwoju Scribusa|Polski (pl)]] | [[%C2%BFC%C3%B3mo_puedo_contribuir_con_Scribus%3F|Español (es)]]
{{FAQ Index}}
{{FAQ Index}}

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Other languages: Polski (pl) | Español (es)

This article is part of the FAQ series.
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How can I contribute to Scribus?

  • Contribute your docs to www.scribus.net. All you need is an account and a password. HOWTO documentation, drafts for potential inclusion in the shipping documentation, and pretty much anything else likely to be of interest to some Scribus users is welcome.
  • Have you created something with Scribus you are really proud of? Upload the source code of your document for others to use to the Scribus Download Area. We also need more sample scripts, both well commented short and simple ones for learners, and larger more functional tools.
  • Use it and submit your ideas and bug reports to bugs.scribus.net. Please make sure to set the severity to "feature" when you file a feature request. Please make your bug reports detailed and include any files that may be needed. Also, please try to search the bugtracker before filing a bug. Other users may have encountered the issue before you or have already had the same idea. Finally, make sure that your report is referring to a recent version of Scribus, because the issue may have been fixed already.
  • Contribute your patches to bugs.scribus.net. Please ask one of the dev team before starting on any big work, because it may be possible to save you from some pitfalls or save you some work.
  • Exchange your ideas with other Scribus users on the Scribus Mailing List. Answering questions - especially from new users - politely and with directions to appropriate resources is a great way to help out.
  • Support Scribus team financially
  • Translate Wiki articles! We can always use more languages, but as you can see, there are many English articles not yet translated to the already existing Portuguese, Polish, French, German, and Dutch pages. Follow the instructions here on starting your article. Use the English article to help understand and use the Wiki syntax. A perfect way to get your feet wet in the Scribus Wiki.