How can I launch Scribus in my language?

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This article is part of the FAQ series.
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Reason:   As of Scribus 1.3.0, it's possible to change the UI language "on the fly"
Working until:   1.2.5

How can I launch Scribus in my language?

From the command line you can run the following commands:

  • scribus -la
  • scribus --langs-available

This will give you a list of the language abbreviations and associated languages currently installed with Scribus.

You may then start Scribus using 5 methods to select a language, in the following order of predecence:

  1. Run either of the following commands, where the language_abbreviation is from the list you generated above.
    • scribus -l language_abbreviation
    • scribus --lang language_abbreviation
  2. Set the LC_ALL environment variable and run Scribus
  3. Set the LC_MESSAGES environment variable and run Scribus
  4. Set the LANG environment variable and run Scribus
  5. Let Scribus detect the Qt locale and run Scribus

In the case where your system has 2 or 3 of the above environment variables defined Scribus will use the first in the list above. Using the command line option of -l/--lang overrides the rest of the choices.

Scribus 1.3 also has an option in user preferences which falls after the command line option in precedence.