How can I move a Scribus file to another computer along with its images?

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One of the ways you could do this on your own is to create a directory for an individual project, then make sure you save the file there and have all the images in the project directory as well, then copy the entire directory to the other computer.

Collect for Output

This is Scribus's own built-in way to manage this. Select File > Collect for Output from the menu. This brings up the following dialog:


Either choose a directory, or make a new one, then choose it. As you see you can elect to compress the file, and also to save any needed fonts in this directory. You can note in the title bar of the main Scribus window that Scribus has changed the working pathname for the file to this new location. Thus, as long as you do not add images or new fonts, you can continue working on the file, then just save the file in the normal way to keep the directory up to date. Conversely, if you add a new font or image file from an outside directory, you will need to run Collect for Output again.


Here we show the contents of this testfile directory:


A Warning

Once you have done this, do not remove or rename any of the files in this directory. For example, if you use some other means to delete one of these images, such as rm beebalm.JPG, then do some work in Scribus and run Collect for Output again, Scribus will not realize that the image file has been removed and will not save it again. Later when you try to reopen the file the image will be missing.