How to create lists in Scribus

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This article help you setting numbered or bulleted list through Paragraph Style.

Follow the instructions below:

You can put up a numbered or bulleted list with the help of Paragraph Styles.

Basic Numbering

  • For this you need a left tabulator between the bullet or the

number (you can place any number of characters before the tab provided your column's width) and the text.

  • At the bottom of the Edit Paragraph Style there are 3 fields. Create a left tab position at 2

picas. Then go the the Indent field and enter a value of 2 picas. For First Line put a negative value of -2 picas.

Of course you can use other values if you find the gap between the bullet or number too wide or too narrow. Just try it!
  • Set your other values for font, size, above, below, etc. Then, Save, OK. Apply the Style and voilà!

For bullets, you will then have to change the text font of the bullet to something else (Regular Dingbats for instance). Do this through the Edit>Search/Replace menu. Provided you have used a unique glyph (or combination of) for your bullets, this will take seconds. You will even be able to adjust the type size of the bullet through that dialog.


Using the same technique, you will be able to achieve lists with tremendous control. If another hierarchic level is needed, just increase the Indent and the Tab position, leaving the -2 picas value for the First line to get a consistant spacing.

Other Way

Clone the textbox need to be numbered/bulleted just having numbers/bullets and then align with original.