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If you work e.g. on a science book or with law texts you often have to use a lot of Paragraph Effects for the headlines. Instead of doing that manually, you can let Scribus do the work for you.

How to start

First you have to know how many levels you need - for example Art. 1 (a) a) III. means four levels.

Then you have to create Paragraph Styles.
You get there by pressing "F3".
The Style Manager opens and you can create a new Paragraph Style. Name it - for example as level1.
Next step recommended ist to go to the tab "Paragraph Effects", choose "Numbering" and create a new set. In every level you have to select this new set!

Now feel free to define this level.
You can set the font, font size, color, alignment, tabulator - everything you can choose in the text section of the Properties Palette.

Paragraph Effects
Character Style