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Issues on debian

Debian's scribus 1.4.4 users regularly have issues with hyphenation in various langages.

Gabo describes how he sorted this issue (for spanish language) :

Under the preferences is the option to download some dictionaries.

I have to move the downloaded dict to /usr/share/scribus/dicts and /usr/share/hunspell (not sure which one is the correct location)

Also the /usr/share/hunspell was renamed to hyph_es_ES.dic just like the existing hyph_en_US.dic

Fine tuning of hyphenation

If a line after the last line that features a hyphen has too large word spaces, you can adjust the hyphenation manually with soft hyphens (also called smart hyphens). You can use the menu entry insert > character > smart hyphen or its ctrl + shift + - shortcut. Or you can remove hyphenation locally. Select the text for dehyphenation and run Extras > Dehyphenate.

Also, If you want to squeeze some text, select it and set horizontal scale to 94-98%. This works with most text-sized fonts. A difference between normal and condensed script cant't be seen.

With 1.3.4 you can create manual line breaks, so that if the word starts with a soft hyphen, it does not hyphenate.

Further reading about Hyphenation in combination with Full/Forced Justification.