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''Student applicant for GSoC 2007:'' Mateusz Haligowski <halish at kofeina.org>.
''Student applicant for GSoC 2007:'' Mateusz Haligowski <halish at kofeina.org>.
== Application Template ==
==== Background Information ====
    * Name / University / current enrollment information. (Keep private, send to the administrator only).
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imposition Wikipedia]
* [http://desktoppub.about.com/od/imposition/a/imposition_2.htm About.com]
    * Biographical sketch.
* [http://desktoppub.about.com/od/imposition/Imposition.htm Preparing for imposition (about.com)]
    * Did you ever code in C, C++ or Python? Please provide examples of code.
* [http://www.digitalmediadesigner.com/2001/10_oct/features/alap2dn.htm How it is done in Adobe Indesign]
    * Do you use Scribus? Please provide examples if you do.
* [http://www.digitalmediadesigner.com/2001/10_oct/features/alap4.htm How it is done in Quark Express]
    * Do you make other use of Scribus than for laying out articles? please describe and show examples.
* Two examples of how it is done in CorelDraw: [http://www.epiloglaser.com/tl_impositionvar.htm 1], [http://www.corel.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=Corel3/Section/Display&sid=1047024315119&gid=1047024354238&cid=1047024935656&trkid=cgf0505tip1 2]
    * Were you involved in Scribus development in the past? What were your contributions?
    * Were you involved in other OpenSource development projects in the past? If yes, please tell us project, when and in what role were you involved?
    * Why have you chosen your development idea and what do you expect from your implementation?  
== Imposition Plugin Discussion ==
== Imposition Plugin Discussion ==

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Student applicant for GSoC 2007: Mateusz Haligowski <halish at kofeina.org>.

Background Information

Imposition Plugin Discussion

Most needed use cases:

  • booklet printing:
    Arrange original pages on print sheets which are at least twice as large as the original page; make sure the backside pages end up at the correct position and orientation.
    Take care of bleed areas and crop marks.
  • business cards:
    Replicate original page in a fixed grid on the print sheet; take care that the backside matches.
  • n-folds:
    Scribus already allows reader spreads for a limited choice of n-folds. Provide a simple imposition for these on a print sheet.