Installing Scribus on Haiku

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Thanks to the work of Giovanni Mugnai Scribus is also available for users of the Haiku operating system.

Installing Scribus on Haiku is easy, since is provided as installer package: Download the Scribus ZIP archive and extract it wherever you prefer (eg on your Desktop) then just double click on the installer file "Scribus1.4.3svn_Haiku.pkg" and click on "Install". The package includes all dependencies, a copy of Ghostscript and of littleCMS.

After extraction an icon/link to Scribus will be present on the Desktop, and you can launch Scribus:

Scribus Haiku.png


  • Since CUPS hasn't been ported to Haiku yet, you can't print directly from Scribus. You can, however, export a PDF and print from BePDF or DocumentViewer.
  • The Scripter doesn't work yet, because Python Tkinter is not (currently) available for Haiku.