Installing Scribus on Mac OS X via Fink

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There is a doc on the Scribus web site, but it is partly outdated for current releases. The fastest way to get Scribus on the Mac is the following:


  • Install Apple's X11 (two packages, X11User.pkg from the system disk and X11SDK.pkg from the developer tools disk, the names may be slightly different). Note: The Xcode developer tools may install the X11 packages. In this case you can skip this step.
  • Install Fink using the "Fink-X.Y.Z-ABC-Installer.dmg" from (where X.Y.Z is the latest stable version and ABC is is either PowerPC or Intel depending on your system)
  • Open a terminal window then type (from the "Applications" folder):
fink install scribus
  • fink may prompt you to select certain packages based on dependencies it needs to install scribus. Accept any of the choices and continue.
  • Sit back, drink some coffee (or your beverage of choice) and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is complete you can run scribus by opening a terminal window and typing:

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