Installing Scribus on Mac OS X via Fink

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There is a doc on the Scribus web site, but it is partly outdated for 1.2.2cvs. The fastest way to get Scribus-CVS on the Mac is the following:


  • Install Apple's X11 (two packages, X11User.pkg from the system disk and X11SDK.pkg from the developer tools disk, the names may be slightly different). Also make sure that the Xcode developer tools are completely installed.
fink selfupdate-rsync
fink install scribus
  • Either let it finish, which will give you scribus-1.2.1 in /sw/{bin,lib}, or stop it when it starts building scribus, after all the prerequisites are installed. Note that this can take some time, because heavyweights like qt3 are being compiled.
  • Run the attached little shell script that does the remaining necessary patching and runs configure and make in the right order.
  • Run
sudo make install

which will put scribus into /usr/local/{bin,lib}