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This is a dump from Scribus 1.3 for those that need to refer to generate lists:

To create a loadable shortcut file the format will be something like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<shortcutset name="Indesign 2.x">
    <function name="fileOpen" shortcut="Ctrl+O"/>
    <function name="fileSave" shortcut="Ctrl+S"/>

Note the use of the 1st column below in the function's name attribute above.

ExportAsImage Save as Image...
ExportAsSVG Save Page as SVG...
FontsPreview Fonts Preview
ImportOpenOfficeDraw Import Draw...
ImportPS Import EPS/PS...
ImportSVG Import SVG...
NewFromTemplate New from Template... Ctrl+Shift+N
PrintPreview Print Preview Ctrl+Alt+P
SaveAsTemplate Save as Template... Ctrl+Shift+S
Scripter Scripter Manual...
ShortWords Short Words...
alignBlock Block
alignCenter Centre
alignForced Forced
alignLeft Left
alignRight Right
editActionMode Item Action Mode
editClear Clear
editColors Colours...
editCopy Copy Ctrl+C
editCut Cut Ctrl+X
editJavascripts Javascripts...
editLineStyles Line Styles...
editParaStyles Paragraph Styles...
editPaste Paste Ctrl+V
editPreferences Preferences...
editRedoAction Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z
editSearchReplace Search/Replace...
editSelectAll Select All Ctrl+A
editTemplates Templates...
editUndoAction Undo Ctrl+Z
extrasHyphenateText Hyphenate Text
extrasInsertSpecial Insert Special
extrasManagePictures Manage Pictures
fileClose Close Ctrl+W
fileCollect Collect for Output...
fileDocInfo Document Information... Ctrl+I
fileDocSetup Document Setup...
fileExportAsEPS Save Page as EPS...
fileExportAsPDF Save as PDF...
fileExportText Save Text...
fileImportAppendText Append Text...
fileImportImage Get Image...
fileImportPage Import Page(s)...
fileImportText Get Text...
fileNew New Ctrl+N
fileOpen Open... Ctrl+O
filePrint Print... Ctrl+P
fileQuit Quit Ctrl+Q
fileRevert Revert to Saved
fileSave Save Ctrl+S
fileSaveAs Save As... Ctrl+Shift+S
fontSize10 10 pt
fontSize11 11 pt
fontSize12 12 pt
fontSize14 14 pt
fontSize18 18 pt
fontSize24 24 pt
fontSize36 36 pt
fontSize48 48 pt
fontSize60 60 pt
fontSize7 7 pt
fontSize72 72 pt
fontSize9 9 pt
fontSizeOther Other...
helpAboutQt About Qt
helpAboutScribus About Scribus
helpManual Scribus Manual... F1
helpTooltips Tooltips
itemAlignDist Distribute/Align...
itemAttachTextToPath Attach Text to Path
itemBringToFront Bring to Front
itemCombinePolygons Combine Polygons
itemConvertToOutlines Convert to Outlines
itemDelete Delete Ctrl+K
itemDetachTextFromPath Detach Text from Path
itemDuplicate Duplicate Ctrl+D
itemGroup Group Ctrl+G
itemLock Is Locked Ctrl+F
itemLower Lower
itemMulDuplicate Multiple Duplicate
itemRaise Raise
itemSendToBack Send to Back
itemShapeEdit Edit Shape...
itemSplitPolygons Split Polygons
itemUngroup Ungroup Ctrl+U
pageApplyTemplate Apply Template...
pageCopy Copy...
pageDelete Delete...
pageInsert Insert...
pageManageGuides Manage Guides...
pageMove Move...
shade0 0 %
shade10 10 %
shade100 100 %
shade20 20 %
shade30 30 %
shade40 40 %
shade50 50 %
shade60 60 %
shade70 70 %
shade80 80 %
shade90 90 %
shadeOther Other...
specialNonBreakingSpace Insert Non Breaking Space Ctrl+Space
specialPageNumber Insert Page Number Ctrl+#
specialSmartHyphen Insert Smart Hyphen Ctrl+-
specialToggleAllGuides Toggle Guides F11
specialToggleAllPalettes Toggle Palettes F10
styleInvertPict Invert
styleTabulators Tabulators...
toolsActionHistory Action History
toolsBookmarks Bookmarks
toolsLayers Layers
toolsMeasurements Measurements
toolsOutline Outline
toolsPages Page Palette
toolsPreflightVerifier Preflight Verifier
toolsProperties Properties
toolsScrapbook Scrapbook
toolsToolbarPDF PDF Tools
toolsToolbarTools Tools
typeEffectNormal Normal
typeEffectOutline Outline
typeEffectSmallCaps Small Caps
typeEffectStrikeThrough Strike Through
typeEffectSubscript Subscript
typeEffectSuperscript Superscript
typeEffectUnderline Underline
viewFit100 100% Ctrl+1
viewFit20 Thumbnails
viewFit200 200%
viewFit50 50%
viewFit75 75%
viewFitInWindow Fit in window Ctrl+0
viewShowBaseline Show Baseline Grid
viewShowFrames Show Frames
viewShowGrid Show Grid
viewShowGuides Show Guides
viewShowImages Show Images
viewShowMargins Show Margins
viewShowTextChain Show Text Chain
viewShowTextControls Show invisible chars
viewSnapToGrid Snap to Grid
viewSnapToGuides Snap to Guides