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Since there are user-definable keyboard shortcuts, how about the ability to save a shortcut set so if someone's used to Quark they can just load the Quark shortcut set? Would lower the initial inconvenience of switching to a new DTP prog. Apparently this is already planned.

  • I have rewritten the menu system and some of the shortcut manager. One of my next tasks is to allow loadable shortcut sets. We need the sets created. Perhaps someone would like to start this off by listing the shortcuts from their favourite DTP app. You do not need to create it in a special format, just list them here. eg.

Application - Function - Shortcut
XYZ - Copy - Control C

--Cbradney 23:43, 10 Feb 2005 (UTC)

I've put a couple of shortcuts xml files here. Not finished but it's a start. Quark shortcuts need finishing, + more shortcut sets need making. Also need to identify functions for which it's not currently possible to assign shortcuts in Scribus, eg. Edit text, Zoom in / out --Joeboy 02:31, 20 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Special Characters
Pagemaker 6.5Bullet (·)Ctrl+Shift+8Option+8
Pagemaker 6.5Copyright (©)Ctrl+Shift+O (oh)Option+G
Pagemaker 6.5Paragraph (¶)Ctrl+Shift+7Option+7
Pagemaker 6.5Open double quoteCtrl+Shift+[Option+[
Pagemaker 6.5Close double quoteCtrl+Shift+]Option+Shift+[
Pagemaker 6.5Open single quoteCtrl+[Option+]
Pagemaker 6.5Close single quoteCtrl+]Option+Shift+]
Pagemaker 6.5Foot mark (')Ctrl+Shift+F3Cmd+Shift+]
Pagemaker 6.5Inch mark (")Ctrl+Shift+F4Cmd+Shift+[
Pagemaker 6.5Registered trademark (®)Ctrl+Shift+GOption+R
Pagemaker 6.5Section (§)Ctrl+Shift+6Option+6
Pagemaker 6.5Trademark (™)Alt+pad 0153Option+2
Pagemaker 6.5Ellipses (…)Alt+pad 0133Option+;
Pagemaker 6.5En spaceCtrl+Shift+NCmd+Shift+N
Pagemaker 6.5Em spaceCtrl+Shift+MCmd+Shift+M
Pagemaker 6.5Thin spaceCtrl+Shift+TCmd+Shift+T
Pagemaker 6.5Nonbreaking (hard) spaceCtrl+Shift+HOption+Spacebar
Pagemaker 6.5Discretionary (soft) hyphenCtrl+-Cmd+hyphen
Pagemaker 6.5Nonbreaking hyphenCtrl+Shift+-Cmd+Option+hyphen
Pagemaker 6.5Nonbreaking slashCtrl+Shift+/Cmd+Option+/
Pagemaker 6.5En dashCtrl+=Option+hyphen
Pagemaker 6.5Em dashCtrl+Shift+=Option+Shift+hyphen
Pagemaker 6.5Page #Ctrl+Shift+#Cmd+Option+P
Pagemaker 6.5Soft returnShift+EnterShift+Return
File Commands
Pagemaker 6.5Revert to last mini-saveShift+File->RevertShift+File->Revert
Pagemaker 6.5Save all open pubsShift+File->SaveOption+File->Save
Pagemaker 6.5Close all open pubsShift+File->CloseOption+File->Close
Pagemaker 6.5Open a copy of a pubShift+File->Recent PubOption+File->Recent Pub
Pagemaker 6.5Online HelpF1Help key
Pagemaker 6.5Help cursor (to click menu item)Shift+F1Cmd+?
Accessing dialog boxes with tools
Pagemaker 6.5Preferences dbdbl-clk pointer tooldbl-clk pointer tool
Pagemaker 6.5Document setupAlt+dbl-clk pointer toolOpt+dbl-clk pointer tool
Pagemaker 6.5Type specs dbdbl-clk Text tooldbl-clk Text tool
Pagemaker 6.5Paragraph specs dbAlt+dbl-clk Text toolOpt+dbl-clk Text tool
Pagemaker 6.5Fill and line dbdbl-clk Ellipse tooldbl-clk Ellipse tool
Pagemaker 6.5Rounded corners dbdbl-clk Rectangle tooldbl-clk Rectangle tool
Pagemaker 6.5Custom line dbdbl-clk Line tooldbl-clk Line tool
Pagemaker 6.5Polygon specs dbdbl-clk Polygon tooldbl-clk Polygon tool
Pagemaker 6.5100% Sizedbl-clk Zoom tooldbl-clk Zoom tool
Pagemaker 6.5Fit in WindowAlt+dbl-clk Zoom toolOpt+dbl-clk Zoom tool
Pagemaker 6.5PointerF9Shift+F1
Pagemaker 6.5Text toolShift+F2Shift+F2
Pagemaker 6.5Ellipse toolShift+F3Shift+F3
Pagemaker 6.5Rectangle toolShift+F4Shift+F4
Pagemaker 6.5Line toolShift+F5Shift+F5
Pagemaker 6.5Constrained line toolShift+F6Shift+F6
Pagemaker 6.5Polygon toolShift+F7Shift+F7
Pagemaker 6.5Zoom toolShift+F8Shift+F8
Pagemaker 6.5Rotating toolShift+F9Shift+F9
Pagemaker 6.5Cropping toolShift+F11Shift+F10
Pagemaker 6.5Reducing toolCtrl+Zoom toolOption+Zoom tool
Pagemaker 6.5Grabber handAlt+drag mouseOption+drag mouse
Text and Elements
Pagemaker 6.5Select allCtrl+ACmd+A
Pagemaker 6.5UndoCtrl+ZCmd+Z
Pagemaker 6.5CopyCtrl+CCmd+C
Pagemaker 6.5CutCtrl+XCmd+X
Pagemaker 6.5PasteCtrl+VCmd+V
Pagemaker 6.5Power PasteCtrl+Shift+PCmd+Option+V
Pagemaker 6.5GroupCtrl+GCmd+G
Pagemaker 6.5UngroupCtrl+UCmd+U
Pagemaker 6.5Mask & GroupShift+Element->MaskOption+Element->Mask
Pagemaker 6.5Unmask & UngroupShift+Element->UnmaskOption+Element->Unmask
Pagemaker 6.5Guides on/offCtrl+JCmd+J
Pagemaker 6.5Rulers on/offCtrl+RCmd+R
Pagemaker 6.5Snap to GuidesCtrl+Shift+5Cmd+Shift+G
Pagemaker 6.5Snap to RulersCtrl+Shift+YCmd+Shift+Y
Pagemaker 6.5Send to BackCtrl+BCmd+B
Pagemaker 6.5Bring to FrontCtrl+FCmd+F
Pagemaker 6.5Bring ForwardCtrl+8Cmd+8
Pagemaker 6.5Send BackwardCtrl+9Cmd+9
Pagemaker 6.5Insert PageCtrl+Shift+âCmd+Shift+â
Flowing text
Pagemaker 6.5Auto/manual text flow (toggle)Ctrl+flow textCmd+flow text
Pagemaker 6.5Semi-automatic text flowShift+flow textShift+flow text
Adjusting graphics or text blocks
Pagemaker 6.5Restore proportionsShift+click corner handleShift+click corner handle
Pagemaker 6.5Proportional stretchShift+drag handleShift+drag handle
Pagemaker 6.5âMagic stretchâCtrl+drag handleCmd+drag handle
Pagemaker 6.5Proportional magic stretchCtrl+Shift+drag handleCmd+Shift+drag handle
Pagemaker 6.5Select multiple objectsShift+click eachShift+click each
Pagemaker 6.5Select object behind othersCtrl+clickCmd+click
Pagemaker 6.5Select multiple behind othersCtrl+Shift+clickCmd+Shift+click
Pagemaker 6.5Constrain move vert. or horiz.Shift+dragShift+drag
View Controls
Pagemaker 6.550% sizeCtrl+5Cmd+5
Pagemaker 6.5Actual sizeCtrl+1Cmd+1
Pagemaker 6.5200% sizeCtrl+2Cmd+2
Pagemaker 6.5Fit in windowCtrl+0 (zero)Cmd+0 (zero)
Pagemaker 6.5Fit in windowShift+click pg iconShift+click pg icon
Pagemaker 6.5100% / Fit window (toggle)click rt. mouse buttonCmd+Option+click
Pagemaker 6.5200% / 100% (toggle)Shift+click rt. mouse buttonCmd+Option+Shift+click
Pagemaker 6.5Magnifying toolCtrl+SpacebarCmd+Spacebar
Pagemaker 6.5Reducing toolCtrl+Alt+SpacebarCmd+Option+Spacebar
Pagemaker 6.5Set all pages to same viewCtrl+Alt+any viewOption+any view
Pagemaker 6.5Show entire pasteboardShift+Ctrl+W
Pagemaker 6.5Close all open pubsShift+File->CloseOption+File->Close
Pagemaker 6.5Edit story/Edit layoutCtrl+ECmd+E
Pagemaker 6.5Edit storyTriple click text block with pointer tool
Pagemaker 6.5Go to pageCtrl+/Cmd+[
Pagemaker 6.5Next pagePage DownPage Down
Pagemaker 6.5Previous pagePage UpPage Up
Pagemaker 6.5Close current story window onlyCtrl+WCmd+W
Pagemaker 6.5Close open stories in pubShft+Story->Close StoryOption+Story->Close Story
Pagemaker 6.5Cascade open story windowsShft+Window->CascadeOption+Window->Cascade
Pagemaker 6.5Tile open story windowsShft+Window->TileOption+Window->Tile
Text and Alignment Attributes
Pagemaker 6.5Align leftCtrl+Shift+LCmd+Shift+L
Pagemaker 6.5Align rightCtrl+Shift+RCmd+Shift+R
Pagemaker 6.5Align centerCtrl+Shift+CCmd+Shift+C
Pagemaker 6.5JustifyCtrl+Shift+JCmd+Shift+J
Pagemaker 6.5Force justifyCtrl+Shift+FCmd+Shift+F
Pagemaker 6.5All capsCtrl+Shift+KCmd+Shift+K
Type style
Pagemaker 6.5BoldCtrl+Shift+BCmd+Shift+B
Pagemaker 6.5ItalicCtrl+Shift+ICmd+Shift+I
Pagemaker 6.5UnderlineCtrl+Shift+UCmd+Shift+U
Pagemaker 6.5Strike thruCtrl+Shift+SCmd+Shift+/
Pagemaker 6.5NormalCtrl+Shift+SpacebarCmd+Shift+Spacebar
Pagemaker 6.5ReverseCtrl+Shift+VCmd+Shift+V
Pagemaker 6.5Type specs dialog boxCtrl+TCmd+T
Selecting text
Pagemaker 6.5Select worddouble-click w/ text tooldouble-click w/ text tool
Pagemaker 6.5Select paragraphtriple-click w/ text tooltriple-click w/ text tool
Text editing in story editor
Pagemaker 6.5Edit story/ Edit layout (toggle)Ctrl+ECmd+E
Pagemaker 6.5Close storyCtrl+WCmd+W
Pagemaker 6.5SpellingCtrl+LCmd+L
Pagemaker 6.5FindCtrl+FCmd+F
Pagemaker 6.5Find nextCtrl+GCmd+G
Pagemaker 6.5ChangeCtrl+HCmd+H
Pagemaker 6.5Define stylesCtrl+3Cmd+3
Pagemaker 6.5Paragraph specsCtrl+MCmd+M
Pagemaker 6.5Indents/tabs (layout view only)Ctrl+ICmd+I
Moving insertion point (Num Lock off)
Pagemaker 6.5Up one lineup arrowup arrow
Pagemaker 6.5Down one linedown arrowdown arrow
Pagemaker 6.5Up one screen (Story Editor)Pg UpPg Up
Pagemaker 6.5Down one screen (Story Editor)Pg DnPg Dn
Pagemaker 6.5To beginning of lineHomeKeypad 7
Pagemaker 6.5To end of lineEndKeypad 1
Pagemaker 6.5To beginning of sentenceCtrl+HomeCmd+Keypad 7
Pagemaker 6.5To end of sentenceCtrl+EndCmd+Keypad 1
Pagemaker 6.5To beginning of storyCtrl+Pg UpOption+Home
Pagemaker 6.5To end of storyCtrl+Pg DnOption+End
Pagemaker 6.5Left one characterleft arrowleft arrow
Pagemaker 6.5Right one characterright arrowright arrow
Pagemaker 6.5Left one wordCtrl+left arrowOption+left arrow
Pagemaker 6.5Right one wordCtrl+right arrowOption+right arrow

Quark 4New DocumentCtrl-N
Quark 4New LibraryCtrl-Alt-N
Quark 4OpenCtrl-O
Quark 4CloseCtrl-F4
Quark 4SaveCtrl-S
Quark 4Save asCtrl-Alt-S
Quark 4Revert to last Auto SaveAlt-Revert to Saved
Quark 4Get Text/PictureCtrl-E
Quark 4Save TextCtrl-Alt-E
Quark 4AppendCtrl-Alt-A
Quark 4Save Page as EPSCtrl-Alt-Shift-S
Quark 4Document SetupCtrl-Alt-Shift-P
Quark 4Page SetupCtrl-Alt-P
Quark 4PrintCtrl-P
Quark 4ExitCtrl-Q
Quark 4UndoCtrl-Z
Quark 4CutCtrl-X
Quark 4CopyCtrl-C
Quark 4PasteCtrl-V
Quark 4Select AllCtrl-A
Quark 4Find/ChangeCtrl-F
Quark 4Close Find/ChangeCtrl-Alt-F
Quark 4Application PreferencesCtrl-Alt-Shift-Y
Quark 4Document PreferencesCtrl-Y
Quark 4Document Prefs > Paragraph tabCtrl-Alt-Y
Quark 4Document Prefs > Trapping tabCtrl-Shift-F12
Quark 4Document Prefs > Tool tabDouble-click item creation tool or Zoom tool
Quark 4Style SheetsShift-F11
Quark 4ColorsShift-F12
Quark 4H&JsCtrl-Shift-F11
Quark 4for Text
Quark 4Size > OtherCtrl-Shift-\
Quark 4LeadingCtrl-Shift-E
Quark 4FormatsCtrl-Shift-F
Quark 4TabsCtrl-Shift-T
Quark 4RulesCtrl-Shift-N
Quark 4Open Character Styles Dialog BoxCtrl-Shift-D
Quark 4type styles
Quark 4PlainCtrl-Shift-P
Quark 4BoldCtrl-Shift-B
Quark 4ItalicCtrl-Shift-I
Quark 4UnderlineCtrl-Shift-U
Quark 4Word UnderlineCtrl-Shift-W
Quark 4Strike ThruCtrl-Shift-/
Quark 4OutlineCtrl-Shift-O
Quark 4ShadowCtrl-Shift-S
Quark 4All CapsCtrl-Shift-K
Quark 4Small CapsCtrl-Shift-H
Quark 4SuperscriptCtrl-Shift-0 (zero)
Quark 4SubscriptCtrl-Shift-9
Quark 4SuperiorCtrl-Shift-V
Quark 4alignment
Quark 4LeftCtrl-Shift-L
Quark 4CenteredCtrl-Shift-C
Quark 4RightCtrl-Shift-R
Quark 4JustifiedCtrl-Shift-J
Quark 4ForcedCtrl-Alt-Shift-J
Quark 4text to box
Quark 4anchor boxes and delete textAlt-Text to Box
Quark 4Style Menu
Quark 4for Pictures
Quark 4NegativeCtrl-Shift- hyphen
Quark 4ContrastCtrl-Shift-O
Quark 4HalftoneCtrl-Shift-H
Quark 4lines
Quark 4Width > OtherCtrl-Shift-\
Quark 4Item Menu
Quark 4ModifyCtrl-M
Quark 4FrameCtrl-B
Quark 4ClippingCtrl-Alt-T
Quark 4RunaroundCtrl-T
Quark 4DuplicateCtrl-D
Quark 4Step and RepeatCtrl-Alt-D
Quark 4DeleteCtrl-K
Quark 4GroupCtrl-G
Quark 4UngroupCtrl-U
Quark 4Lock/UnlockF6
Quark 4Bring to FrontF5
Quark 4Bring ForwardCtrl-F5
Quark 4Send to BackShift-F5
Quark 4Send BackwardCtrl-Shift-F5
Quark 4Space/AlignCtrl-, (comma)
Quark 4Shape (convert Bezier line to filled-center Bezier box)Alt-Item > Shape > Bezier box shape
Quark 4edit
Quark 4ShapeF10
Quark 4RunaroundCtrl-F10
Quark 4Clipping PathCtrl-Shift-F10
Quark 4point segment type
Quark 4Corner PointCtrl-F1
Quark 4Smooth PointCtrl-F2
Quark 4Symmetrical PointCtrl-F3
Quark 4Straight SegmentCtrl-Shift-F1
Quark 4Curved SegmentCtrl-Shift-F2
Quark 4Page Menu
Quark 4Go to PageCtrl-J
Quark 4display
Quark 4master pagesShift-F4
Quark 4next master pageCtrl-Shift-F4
Quark 4previous master pageCtrl-Shift-F3
Quark 4NOTE: When a document page is displayed on the screen, selecting Shift-F4 will display the master page applied to that document page.
Quark 4
Quark 4View Menu
Quark 4Fit in WindowCtrl-0 (zero)
Quark 4Fit largest spread in windowAlt-Fit in Window or Ctrl-Alt-0 (zero)
Quark 4Actual SizeCtrl-1
Quark 4ThumbnailsShift-F6
Quark 4Show/Hide GuidesF7
Quark 4Show/Hide Baseline GridCtrl-F7
Quark 4Snap to GuidesShift-F7
Quark 4Show/Hide RulersCtrl-R
Quark 4Show/Hide InvisiblesCtrl-I
Quark 4PreviewCtrl-Shift-F7
Quark 4Show/Hide ToolsF8
Quark 4Show/Hide MeasurementsF9
Quark 4Show/Hide Document LayoutF4
Quark 4Show/Hide Style SheetsF11
Quark 4Show/Hide ColorsF12
Quark 4Show/Hide Trap InformationCtrl-F12
Quark 4Show/Hide ListsCtrl-F11
Quark 4Utilities
Quark 4Menu
Quark 4Check Spelling > WordCtrl-W
Quark 4Check Spelling > StoryCtrl-Alt-W
Quark 4Check Spelling > DocumentCtrl-Alt-Shift-W
Quark 4Suggested HyphenationCtrl-H
Quark 4
Quark 4
Quark 4Tab
Quark 4Navigation
Quark 4Display next tabCtrl-Tab
Quark 4Display previous tabCtrl-Shift-Tab
Quark 4Field Actions
Quark 4Highlight next fieldTab
Quark 4Highlight previous fieldShift-Tab
Quark 4Highlight field with Text Insertion barDouble-click
Quark 4CutCtrl-X
Quark 4CopyCtrl-C
Quark 4PasteCtrl-V
Quark 4UndoCtrl-Z
Quark 4Revert dialog to original valuesCtrl-Shift-Z
Quark 4math operators in fields
Quark 4+ (addition)
Quark 4- (subtraction)
Quark 4* (multiplication)
Quark 4/ (division)
Quark 4Button
Quark 4Actions
Quark 4OK (or bordered button)Enter
Quark 4CancelEsc
Quark 4ApplyAlt-A
Quark 4Keep Apply button selected (except in Space/Align)Alt-click Apply button
Quark 4YesY
Quark 4NoN
Quark 4Set button in Tabs (in Paragraph Attributes)Alt-S
Quark 4List Actions
Quark 4Select contiguous list itemsShift-click
Quark 4Select noncontiguous list itemsCtrl-click
Quark 4Compare two selected componentsAlt-click Append button (Import in Print Styles)
Quark 4
Quark 4
Quark 4Tool
Quark 4Palette
Quark 4Show/hide paletteF8
Quark 4Show palette/select next toolCtrl-Alt-Tab
Quark 4Show palette/select previous toolCtrl-Alt-Shift-Tab
Quark 4Freeze tool selectionAlt-click tool
Quark 4Open Tool tab of Document PreferencesDouble-click item creation tool or Zoom tool
Quark 4Measurements
Quark 4Palette
Quark 4Show/hide paletteF9
Quark 4Highlight first fieldCtrl-Alt-M
Quark 4Highlight font fieldCtrl-Alt-Shift-M
Quark 4Highlight next fieldTab
Quark 4Highlight previous fieldShift-Tab
Quark 4Exit/ApplyEnter
Quark 4Exit/CancelEsc
Quark 4NOTE: The first field and font field shortcuts will also cause the measurements palette to be displayed if it is hidden.
Quark 4
Quark 4Document
Quark 4Layout
Quark 4Palette
Quark 4Show/hide paletteF4
Quark 4Open Section dialog box for selected pageClick lower-left corner of palette
Quark 4Open Insert Pages dialog boxAlt-drag master page into document area
Quark 4Style Sheets
Quark 4Palette
Quark 4Show/hide paletteF11
Quark 4Display edit style sheet pop-up menuRight-click style sheet name
Quark 4Open Edit Style Sheet dialog boxCtrl-click style sheet
Quark 4Apply No Style, then style sheetAlt-click style sheet name
Quark 4Colors
Quark 4Palette
Quark 4Show/hide paletteF12
Quark 4Open Colors dialog boxCtrl-click color name
Quark 4Trap Info
Quark 4Palette
Quark 4Show/hide paletteCtrl-F12
Quark 4Lists
Quark 4Palette
Quark 4Show/hide paletteCtrl-F11
Quark 4Index
Quark 4Palette
Quark 4Show paletteCtrl-Alt-I
Quark 4Highlight Text fieldCtrl-Alt-I
Quark 4Click Add buttonCtrl-Alt-Shift-I
Quark 4Edit highlighted index entryDouble-click
Quark 4Find/Change
Quark 4Palette
Quark 4Show paletteCtrl-F
Quark 4Close paletteCtrl-Alt-F
Quark 4Change Find Next button to Find FirstAlt-Find Next
Quark 4
Quark 4
Quark 4Displaying
Quark 4Pages
Quark 4Go to Page dialog boxCtrl-J
Quark 4master pagesShift-F4
Quark 4next master pageCtrl-Shift-F4
Quark 4previous master pageCtrl-Shift-F3
Quark 4NOTE: When a document page is displayed on the screen, selecting Shift-F4 will display the master page applied to that document page.
Quark 4
Quark 4Changing
Quark 4Views
Quark 4Access view percent fieldCtrl-Alt-V
Quark 4Any view to Actual SizeCtrl-1
Quark 4Any view to Fit in WindowCtrl-0 (zero)
Quark 4Any view to 200%Ctrl-Alt-click
Quark 4200% to Actual SizeCtrl-Alt-click
Quark 4Fit largest spread in windowAlt-Fit in Window or Ctrl-Alt-0 (zero)
Quark 4Zoom inCtrl-space-click/drag
Quark 4Zoom outCtrl-Alt-space-click/drag
Quark 4Scroll
Quark 4With Page Grabber HandAlt-drag
Quark 4To start of documentCtrl-Page Up
Quark 4To end of documentCtrl-Page Down
Quark 4Up one screenPage Up
Quark 4Down one screenPage Down
Quark 4To first pageCtrl-Page Up
Quark 4To last pageCtrl-Page Down
Quark 4To previous pageShift-Page Up
Quark 4To next pageShift-Page Down
Quark 4To previous spreadAlt-Page Up
Quark 4To next spreadAlt-Page Down
Quark 4Redrawing
Quark 4the Screen
Quark 4Halt redrawEsc
Quark 4Force redrawShift-Esc
Quark 4Delete
Quark 4Ruler Guides
Quark 4Delete horizontal ruler guidesAlt-click horizontal ruler
Quark 4Delete vertical ruler guidesAlt-click vertical ruler
Quark 4Close
Quark 4Documents
Quark 4Close document windowCtrl-F4
Quark 4Select &
Quark 4Deselect
Quark 4Items
Quark 4Select hidden itemCtrl-Alt-Shift-click where items overlap
Quark 4Select multiple items or pointsShift-click
Quark 4Deselect all itemsTab (Item tool selected)
Quark 4Create
Quark 4Resize
Quark 4Rotate Items
Quark 4Constrain rectangle to square or oval to circleShift-while creating or resizing
Quark 4Constrain item rotation to 0°/45°/90°Shift-while rotating
Quark 4Constrain straight line angle to 0°/45°/90°Shift-while creating, resizing, or rotating
Quark 4Edit
Quark 4Bezier
Quark 4Items
Quark 4Delete Bezier pointAlt-click point or Backspace (Item tool selected)
Quark 4Delete Bezier point while creating itemBackspace
Quark 4Add Bezier pointAlt-click segment
Quark 4Corner to smooth pointCtrl-Shift-drag curve handle
Quark 4Smooth to corner pointCtrl-Shift-drag curve handle
Quark 4Smooth to corner point while creating itemCtrl-click point, then press Ctrl-F1
Quark 4Edit Bezier while creating itemCtrl
Quark 4Retract curve handlesCtrl-Shift-click point
Quark 4Expose curve handlesCtrl-Shift-drag point
Quark 4Select all Bezier points in active itemCtrl-Shift-A or triple-click point
Quark 4Select all Bezier points in active pathDouble-click point
Quark 4Constrain active point to 45° movementShift-drag point
Quark 4Constrain active curve handle to 45° movementShift-drag curve handle
Quark 4Convert Bezier line to filled-center Bezier boxAlt-Item > Shape > Bezier box shape
Quark 4Open Modify
Quark 4Dialog Box
Quark 4Open Modify dialog box for selected itemDouble-click item with Item tool
Quark 4
Quark 4
Quark 4Modify
Quark 4Line Width
Quark 4increase
Quark 4Preset rangeCtrl-Shift->
Quark 41 pointCtrl-Alt-Shift->
Quark 4decrease
Quark 4Preset rangeCtrl-Shift-<
Quark 41 pointCtrl-Alt-Shift-<
Quark 4Move Items
Quark 4With no constraintsCtrl-drag
Quark 4With horizontal/vertical constraintsCtrl-Shift-drag
Quark 4Nudge Items
Quark 4Left 1 pointleft arrow
Quark 4Left 1/10 pointAlt-left arrow
Quark 4Right 1 pointright arrow
Quark 4Right 1/10 pointAlt-right arrow
Quark 4Up 1 pointup arrow
Quark 4Up 1/10 pointAlt-up arrow
Quark 4Down 1 pointdown arrow
Quark 4Down 1/10 pointAlt-down arrow
Quark 4Auto Page
Quark 4Numbers
Quark 4Previous text boxCtrl-2
Quark 4Current text boxCtrl-3
Quark 4Next text boxCtrl-4
Quark 4
Quark 4
Quark 4Update Doc
Quark 4Flow Code
Quark 4Reflow text using flow code in current version of Quark 4XPressAlt-Open in Open dialog box
Quark 4Change Font
Quark 4Go to Font field in Measurements paletteCtrl-Alt-Shift-M
Quark 4Previous fontCtrl-Shift-F9
Quark 4Next fontCtrl-F9
Quark 4Enter 1 Font
Quark 4Character
Quark 4Symbol font characterCtrl-Shift-Q
Quark 4Zapf Dingbats font characterCtrl-Shift-Z
Quark 4Change
Quark 4Font Size
Quark 4increase
Quark 4Preset rangeCtrl-Shift->
Quark 41 pointCtrl-Alt-Shift->
Quark 4decrease
Quark 4Preset rangeCtrl-Shift-<
Quark 41 pointCtrl-Alt-Shift-<
Quark 4resize interactively
Quark 4ProportionalCtrl-Alt-Shift-drag handle
Quark 4ConstrainedCtrl-Shift-drag handle
Quark 4NonproportionalCtrl-drag handle
Quark 4Horizontal/
Quark 4Vertical
Quark 4Font Scale
Quark 4increase
Quark 45%Ctrl-]
Quark 41%Ctrl-Alt-]
Quark 4decrease
Quark 45%Ctrl-[
Quark 41%Ctrl-Alt-[
Quark 4Kerning &
Quark 4Tracking
Quark 4increase
Quark 41/20 emCtrl-Shift-}
Quark 41/200 emCtrl-Alt-Shift-}
Quark 4decrease
Quark 41/20 emCtrl-Shift-{
Quark 41/200 emCtrl-Alt-Shift-{
Quark 4Baseline
Quark 4Shift
Quark 4Up 1 pointCtrl-Alt-Shift-)
Quark 4Down 1 pointCtrl-Alt-Shift-(
Quark 4Leading
Quark 4increase
Quark 41 pointCtrl-Shift-"
Quark 41/10 pointCtrl-Alt-Shift-"
Quark 4decrease
Quark 41 pointCtrl-Shift-:
Quark 41/10 pointCtrl-Alt-Shift-:
Quark 4Copy Para
Quark 4Styles
Quark 4Copy formats to selected paragraphs in text chainAlt-Shift-click
Quark 4Drag & Drop
Quark 4Drag-copy textShift-drag
Quark 4Note: This command will not work unless Edit > Preferences > Application > Interactive > Drag and Drop Text is checked.
Quark 4
Quark 4Find Text
Quark 4(Enter in Find What)
Quark 4Wild card (Find only)Ctrl-?
Quark 4TabCtrl-Tab
Quark 4New paragraphCtrl-Enter
Quark 4New lineCtrl-Shift-Enter
Quark 4New column\c
Quark 4New box\b
Quark 4Previous box page numberCtrl-2
Quark 4Current box page numberCtrl-3
Quark 4Next box page numberCtrl-4
Quark 4Punctuation spaceCtrl-. (period)
Quark 4Flex spaceCtrl-Shift-F
Quark 4BackslashCtrl-\
Quark 4Spellcheck
Quark 4Buttons
Quark 4LookupAlt-L
Quark 4SkipAlt-S
Quark 4AddAlt-A
Quark 4Add all suspect words to auxiliary dictionaryAlt-Shift-click Close button
Quark 4Special
Quark 4Characters
Quark 4Indent hereCtrl-\
Quark 4Discretionary new lineCtrl-Enter
Quark 4New paragraphEnter
Quark 4New lineShift-Enter
Quark 4New columnEnter (keypad)
Quark 4New boxShift-Enter (keypad)
Quark 4Right-indent tabShift-Tab
Quark 4Hyphens
Quark 4& Dashes
Quark 4Breaking standard hyphenhyphen
Quark 4Nonbreaking standard hyphenCtrl-=
Quark 4Discretionary (soft) hyphenCtrl-hyphen
Quark 4Nonbreaking en dashCtrl-Alt-Shift-hyphen
Quark 4Breaking em dashCtrl-Shift-=
Quark 4Nonbreaking em dashCtrl-Alt-Shift-=
Quark 4Spaces
Quark 4Breaking standard spacespace
Quark 4Nonbreaking standard spaceCtrl-5
Quark 4Breaking en-spaceCtrl-Shift-6
Quark 4Nonbreaking en-spaceCtrl-Alt-Shift-6
Quark 4Breaking flexible-spaceCtrl-Shift-5
Quark 4Nonbreaking flexible-spaceCtrl-Alt-Shift-5
Quark 4Breaking punctuation spaceShift-space or Ctrl-Shift-6
Quark 4Nonbreaking punctuation spaceCtrl-Shift-space or Ctrl-Alt-6
Quark 4Insertion
Quark 4Point
Quark 4Previous characterleft arrow
Quark 4Next characterright arrow
Quark 4Previous lineup arrow
Quark 4Next linedown arrow
Quark 4Previous wordCtrl-left arrow
Quark 4Next wordCtrl-right arrow
Quark 4Previous paragraphCtrl-up arrow
Quark 4Next paragraphCtrl-down arrow
Quark 4Start of lineCtrl-Alt-left arrow or Home
Quark 4End of lineCtrl-Alt-right arrow or End
Quark 4Start of storyCtrl-Alt-up arrow or Ctrl-Home
Quark 4End of storyCtrl-Alt-down arrow or Ctrl-End
Quark 4Highlight
Quark 4Characters
Quark 4Previous characterShift-left arrow
Quark 4Next characterShift-right arrow
Quark 4Previous lineShift-up arrow
Quark 4Next lineShift-down arrow
Quark 4Previous wordCtrl-Shift-left arrow
Quark 4Next wordCtrl-Shift-right arrow
Quark 4Previous paragraphCtrl-Shift-up arrow
Quark 4Next paragraphCtrl-Shift-down arrow
Quark 4Start of lineCtrl-Alt-Shift-left arrow or Shift-Home
Quark 4End of lineCtrl-Alt-Shift-right arrow or Shift-End
Quark 4Start of storyCtrl-Alt-Shift-up arrow or Ctrl-Shift-Home
Quark 4End of storyCtrl-Alt-Shift-down arrow or Ctrl-Shift-End
Quark 4Highlight
Quark 4Characters
Quark 4w/Mouse
Quark 4Position Text Insertion pointOne click
Quark 4Highlight wordTwo clicks in the word
Quark 4Highlight word and its period, comma, etc.Two clicks between word and punctuation
Quark 4Highlight lineThree clicks
Quark 4Highlight paragraphFour clicks
Quark 4Highlight storyFive clicks
Quark 4Delete
Quark 4Characters
Quark 4Previous characterBackspace
Quark 4Next characterDelete or Shift-Backspace
Quark 4Previous wordCtrl-Backspace
Quark 4Next wordCtrl-Delete or Ctrl-Shift-Backspace
Quark 4Highlighted charactersDelete or Backspace
Quark 4
Quark 4
Quark 4Import
Quark 4Pictures
Quark 4Import picture at 36 dpiShift-Open in Get Picture dialog box
Quark 4Import color TIFF as grayscaleCtrl-Open in Get Picture dialog box
Quark 4Import grayscale TIFF as B&WCtrl-Open in Get Picture dialog box
Quark 4Import EPS without adding spot colorsCtrl-Open in Get Picture dialog box
Quark 4Reimport all pictures in documentCtrl-Open in Open dialog box
Quark 4Scale
Quark 4Pictures
Quark 4Increase 5%Ctrl-Alt-Shift->
Quark 4Decrease 5%Ctrl-Alt-Shift-<
Quark 4Resize
Quark 4Boxes &
Quark 4Pictures
Quark 4Resize box constraining box shapeShift-drag
Quark 4Resize box maintaining aspect ratioAlt-Shift-drag
Quark 4Resize box and scale pictureCtrl-drag
Quark 4Resize box and scale picture constraining box shapeCtrl-Shift-drag
Quark 4Resize box and scale picture maintaining proportionsCtrl-Alt-Shift-drag
Quark 4Center/Fit
Quark 4Pictures
Quark 4CenterCtrl-Shift-M
Quark 4Fit to boxCtrl-Shift-F
Quark 4Fit to box maintaining proportionsCtrl-Alt-Shift-F
Quark 4Nudge
Quark 4Pictures
Quark 4(Content tool
Quark 4selected)
Quark 4Left 1 pointleft arrow
Quark 4Left 1/10 pointAlt-left arrow
Quark 4Right 1 pointright arrow
Quark 4Right 1/10 pointAlt-right arrow
Quark 4Up 1 pointup arrow
Quark 4Up 1/10 pointAlt-up arrow
Quark 4Down 1 pointdown arrow
Quark 4Down 1/10 pointAlt-down arrow
Quark 4Modify
Quark 4Pictures
Quark 4NegativeCtrl-Shift-hyphen
Quark 4Picture Contrast Specifications dialog boxCtrl-Shift-C
Quark 4Picture Halftone Specifications dialog boxCtrl-Shift-H

Quark 5 shortcuts are listed in this pdf. Anyone fancy retyping them all? :-) --Joeboy 15:46, 19 Feb 2005 (UTC)

How about user-definable mouse shortcuts, eg. triple-click text selects paragraph like in Word for example?