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Linux DTP Live CD

Please add to the list of applications that you would like to see included into this live CD. It will be based on Knoppix, you so you can choose from what is available in Debian archives. See where there are lists and search pages. Or you could write up your choices and I will see if they are available. I think that we should keep the CD as small as possible to be able to make those mini-CDs (200Mb or so) often.

Programs proposed for inclusion:

  • Layout:
    • Scribus

  • Vector graphics:
    • Inkscape
    • Batik - a collection of Apache XML modules for on the fly export/conversion of SVG.
    • Skencil - has the best SVG+EPS capabilities. Requires python-imaging

  • Trace tools:
    • Autotrace
    • Fontline - GUI front end to autotrace
    • Potrace
    • pstoedit
    • potracegui

  • Image viewers:
    • Gqview
    • Xnview

  • Postscript and pdf instruments:
    • gs-afpl >= 8.50
    • Gsview
      • Pstoedit
    • Xpdf
    • Acrobat Reader
    • kpdf 3.4

  • Desktop environment(s):

Working environment

    • Fluxbox or xfce or twm or fvwm95 or icewm (last two can be made to look like Windows)
    • KDE base

  • Web browsers:

Needed for looking up materials and for collaboration over the web.

    • Konqueror
    • Mozilla Firefox

  • Email clients:

Needed for collaboration on the projects.

    • Mozilla Thunderbird
    • Kmail

  • Misc Utils/Apps
    • kde-extras Kcolor, Kruler
    • kde-graphics-scan (kooka + x-sane)
    • Dia
    • xsane
    • lcms
    • lcms profilers (We have the source Luke..)

  • System software:
    • Networking tools to enable establishing working network connection
    • Tools for installation of the Live system to HDD if necessary
    • CUPS
    • Apache (for CUPS and Batik) Apache not needed to run Batik, only compile
    • gutenprint (gimp-print 5.0)
    • JVM 1.4.2+ for running Batik