Loading Fonts (Project)

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early draft

Dynamically load Fonts

<jiero> and because too many glyphs in Chinese, so the Chinese designer need more
space in their harddrive, probably 2GB for normal usage thats about 180-200 fonts.
<jiero> So the first time, if they first time start scribus, it will hang there
for long long time , Lets consider it stuck
<jiero> I introduce scribus to Chinese people but they failed to use it because
they can't get into interface~
<a_l_e> yep... i guess that this in issue which may be fixed in several ways...
but the best would be to get scribus to load dynimacally the fonts.
<a_l_e> no idea wheter it is possible. currently, you have to restart scribus if
you want to use new fonts.
<a_l_e> if one can add fonts while scribus is already running, this means that
scribus could run as soon as one font is ready. the other fonts would be made
available as soon as they have been scanned.
<a_l_e> no idea how hard would be to change scribus to work that way!