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Inspired by the message from the GIMP team I thought it would be interesting to start up a page with the same idea. Here we can tell the FOSS community what happened. Any resources that are needed for donation.

What happened to Scribus in 2013

  • In December an XPS exporter and multi-page XAR importer was made available
  • In November an XPS/OXPS importer was made available in Scribus 1.5.0svn
  • Published GSOC_2014_Ideas as an invitation to the community to step-up and make Scribus better.
  • In October a VIVA Designer XML importer was made available in Scribus 1.5.0svn
  • In August a kind donation to the community: dtp studio created CIE L*a*b* and CIE HLC colour palettes and made them available for free download.
  • In July Scribus 1.4.3 was released, providing a port to Haiku OS, new professional color tools and QR Barcode Support
  • In May an MS Publisher importer was made available in Scribus 1.5.0svn


  • The Scribus Wiki was upgraded from Mediawiki 1.19 to 1.23.3 by Malex


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