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* [[Creating a dmg]]
* [[Creating a dmg]]

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With experimental information

Compile and build MacOSX version for deploying on other macs

  1. Compile Scribus from (SVN or SVN HEAD) using Scribus and Homebrew
  2. Use builtin Qt app to create dmg
    ~/Qt/5.x.x/clang_64/bin/macdeployqt scribus-dev.app -dmg
  3. Convert dmg to read/write via CLI
    hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o scribus-dev scribus-dev.dmg
  4. Mount scribus-dev.dmg volume
    open scribus-dev.dmg
  5. Create symlink to /Applications
    cd /Volumes/bin:scribus-dev
    ln -s /Applications ./Applications
  6. Unmount scribus-dev volume
    umount /Volumes/bin:scribus-dev