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On the Scribus mailing list, Andreas Vox has started an interesting discussion on bringing Scribus natively to Mac OSX. It turns out that Martin Costabel has also been working on this with his fink packages for Qt/Mac Scribus. Craig Ringer is also working on porting, and pushing changes into 1.3cvs as they're made suitable for inclusion.


Status of Scribus 1.3cvs vanilla CVS (unpatched):

  • Working
    • Building against Qt/Mac
      • You may need to edit and remove the -framework blah entries if libtool chokes with a weird error while linking the final Scribus executable.
    • Plugins
    • fontconfig (required for useful operation on MacOS/X)
      • May require export LDFLAGS=" -lfreetype -lexpat " and/or --with-extra-includes to work.
    • finding the bundle path and resources dynamically at runtime if built with --enable-bundle
    • static path build works fine too
    • CUPS (with fink cups-devel package or add-in CUPS headers; Apple doesn't ship the headers in 10.3)?
    • Operation from a .app bundle . The bundle must be hand constructed, and library paths on the executable need manual fixing, so it's only halfway there. Still, it works.
    • Support for Mac fonts, including old-style resource-fork fonts. Thanks, Andreas!
  • Not working
    • Automatic assembly of a working .app bundle. Andreas has scripts to do this now, though.

Please check out for more details, and binary builds to try out. Please use the debug builds and report errors!

Related mailing list discussion (mostly old)

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Note that the above is a bit old - things have changed quite a bit since then.

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