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Announcement: Documentation and Organization
Function of this page is to track the Most Annoying Bugs that affect usage of Scribus and that meet the criteria listed below

Candidate criteria

As for LibreOffice, Hard hacks should meet the below requirements :

  • Be really annoying for a significant amount of people
  • Be relatively difficult to solve and/or track down
  • Crashes/data loss are good candidates but not necessary
  • Backtraces should be done on proposed hard hacks before they become accepted hard hacks
  • Enhancement requests should NOT be on the list

The Dirty Seven

The 7 following bugs are the top most annoying and disruptive to daily workflow that have been voted on by the active Scribus user community.


Candidates are voted on as viable to enter the top 7. They have made it to the 2nd round.


It appears MABs can be sorted in 3 categories :

  • styles related (object copy and paste from other document or from scrapbook, style import, undo messes styles, copy and paste messes styles ...)
  • layout related (right align tab, shrunk text, issue with endofparagraph glyph when right align, etc)
  • other

Brainstorming & Nominations

TODO: CONFIRM or COMMENT and VOTE on candidates
Note: Please label bugs using the bug template: {{b|#####}} where # siginifies bug number on the Mantis Bugtracker

  • Being able to type accented characters with keyboard → 12228 'CONFIRMED'
This bug hinders a very basic feature : ability to type text. Any scribus user that uses a langage with accented glyphs (french, spanish, polish etc) cant type all accented glyphs and has to resort to painfull quirks (like copy and pasting from a word, libreoffice or plain text document) for each accented glyph they meet that cant be typed through keyboard (= those using more than one keystrike).
Comment : many have confirmed, including 2 devs.
Votes -> (Kunda +1; Ale +1; JLuc +1)
  • When no end of paragraph is part of the selected and copied text, pasting should not paste the paragraph style of the selection (it should only paste the character styles) → 11574 (nominated by JLuc) - 'new' - TO BE CONFIRMED
First demonstrated in 1968 at the Xerox PARC, Cut (or Copy) and Paste feature is one of the most common operation of computer use. Scribus should manage it perfectly.
Votes -> (Kunda +1; pygmee +1; JLuc +1)
  • Copy'n'Pasting text from another document should not overwrite the current styles definitions without question nor warning → 11814 (nominated by Jluc) - 'new' - TO BE CONFIRMED
Votes -> (Kunda +1; JLuc +1;)
  • Importing a page from another document should not overwrite the current styles definitions without question nor warning → 11420) (nominated by Jluc) - 'new' - TO BE CONFIRMED
Styles are at the core of layout. Defining and using styles is one of the most important guidelines for users wanting to learn DTP. Managing styles should be done without any flaw. Conflicts should be well managed, with user's guidances when required.
Votes -> (Kunda +1)
  • Search doesn't center (= focus viewport) on result → 11369 (nominated by JLuc) - 'Confirmed'
Votes -> (Kunda +1)
  • Search only searches current frame → 1752's ringerc proposition to add options to search selection / frame / linked frames / whole document - 'Accepted'
Search and replace text is one of the most common operation anybody has to perform when working on documents.
Votes -> (Kunda +1; pygmee++1)
  • Impossible selection across multiple linked frames → 6241 (nominated by JLuc) - 'Affected'
Selection is one of the most basic features of text editing. All commonly used software that manage multiple pages can select text across pages, whether DTP or text editors. Not meeting this user's habit and expectation is a deterrent to the use of scribus.
Votes -> (Kunda +1; Ale +1; JLuc +1)
These are layout bugs (not including UI bugs), as "right tab scrambles text" or "text is scrambled when image too close" etc
Votes -> (JLuc +1)


  • Thread on the ML started by JLuc on May 2014.
  • Heavily inspired by the LibreOffice model:

Fixed Most Annoying Bugs

This part lists fixed MABs or candidate MABs.

  • Remove the "missing ghostscript" warning on startup and replace it with a warning shown when ghostscript is indeed needed → 11428 (nominated by a.l.e)
This bug was destroyed by cbradney in r19179. This bug did not even graduate to The Dirty Dozen
  • Change fonts with arrow keys 11789 (nominated by Kunda (talk)) - 'New' - TO BE CONFIRMED
The amount of time saved in one's workflow after implementing this would be immense. This bug was erroneously chosen as a MAB. The functionality was miunderstood

Rejected Candidates

This part lists candidates MABs that are felt to not compell with the criteria, or whose bug cannot be reproduced or has not been confirmed for any other reason.

Most desired features