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Announcement: Documentation and Organization
Function of this page is to track the Most Annoying Bugs that affect usage of Scribus and that meet the criteria listed below


The most annoying bugs are the top most annoying and disruptive to daily workflow.

As for LibreOffice, "Hard hacks" should meet the below requirements :

  • Be really annoying for a significant amount of people
  • Be relatively difficult to solve and/or track down
  • Crashes/data loss are good candidates but not necessary
  • Backtraces should be done on proposed hard hacks before they become accepted hard hacks
  • Enhancement requests should NOT be on the list

As for Scribus, care has been taken when nominationg these "most annoying bugs" to the following criteria :

  • Bug can be reproduced
  • Bug impacts core of scribus mission
  • Bug impacts basic functionnalities
  • Bug doesnt require a rare combination of circumstances

Here there are.

The Dirty Ten

<mantis> bugid = 11767, 12276,11574,11814,11420,11369,1752,6241,11995,11071 comment#11767 = styles, undo comment#12276 = styles, undo comment#11574 = styles comment#11814 = styles comment#11420 = styles comment#11369 = user interface, search comment#6241 = user interface comment#11995 = layout comment#11071 = layout </mantis>

3 categories

It appears MABs can be sorted in 3 categories :

  • layout related (right align tab, shrunk text, issue with endofparagraph glyph when right align, etc). See also '#layout' tag on the bug tracker. There are some more very annoying layout issues (some being related to hyphenation)
  • styles related (object copy and paste from other document or from scrapbook, style import, undo messes styles, copy and paste messes styles ...). See also '#styles' tag on the bug tracker
  • User interface related and search related

Brainstorming & Nominations

TODO: CONFIRM or COMMENT and VOTE on candidates
Note: Please label bugs using the bug template: {{b|#####}} where # siginifies bug number on the Mantis Bugtracker

  • All "layout" bugs : see #layout tag on the bug tracker
These are layout bugs (not including UI bugs), as "right tab scrambles text" or "text is scrambled when image too close" etc
Votes -> (JLuc +1)


  • Thread on the ML started by JLuc on May 2014.
  • Heavily inspired by the LibreOffice model:

Fixed Most Annoying Bugs

<mantis> header = true show = id, status, summary bugid = 11428, 12228 comment#11428 = This bug was destroyed by cbradney in r19179. This bug did not even graduate to The Dirty Dozen comment#12228 = Bug Fixed prior to 1.5 release! </mantis>