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As compared to Most Annoying Bugs, this page is meant to list the most desired features for Scribus.

Most Desired Features candidates

<mantis> bugid = 12394,3965,1371,8796,11791 </mantis>

Legend Status Column:

Approved as Candidate?
Feature Issue Description Comments Nominated Vote Status
RTL support 3965 Support for non-latin languages This bug opens up the use for Scribus for a multitude of people around the world. Kunda (talk) FirasH +1 Kunda +1 'Accepted'
Getting Cezary's TOC code into the trunk 1371 or rather 8796 Considering writing plugin to generate TOCs, Indexes, and "Continued on pg ... " messages Check if it's possible to add it as a Plugin Ale 'Affected' to Cezary
Offer to relink missing images. 11791 ? If a missing image is found (first time a red cross is shown instead of the image) offer to the user to look for defined but missing images (and offer to change all the missing images with the same path). This coold be done through a pop up or by clicking on a notice in the image. Check if it's possible to add it as a Plugin
pygmee : there is already a cezaryece plugin that checks it when opening a doc
Ale ...
Allow relative paths to resource (for collaborative work). 0000 The first resource to be considered are images. I don't know if they are other candidates... Check if it's possible to add it as a Plugin Ale
Better text import 0000 at least have good odt and html import that keeps character styles, para styles and local formatting Pygmee