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New book (in traditional Chinese) produced using Scribus

The Chrysomelidae of Taiwan. by Dr. Chi-Feng Lee & Hsing-Tzung Cheng

This series of books describe the morphology and biology of Chrysomelidae species (i.e. leafbeetles) in Taiwan. The first issue includes 100 most common and special species and new issues are to be published for every 100 species (there are more then 700 species of leafbeetle in Taiwan). This 200-page book contains more than 800 full color plates and live photos, and is written as an identification guide and biology reference for entomologists and in-depth nature lovers.

Book is written in Chinese. The book was entirely edited under Ubuntu 7.0.4 using Scribus 1.3.10 with Wang's (HanWang) and Wu's (cwText) free fonts. All plate and photos were processed/modified with GIMP 2.2 and Combine ZM (a free software for infinity depth of field microphotography, made by Alan Hadley), and several illustrations were drawn with Inkscape. Other open source softwares used in this book:

  • LProf
  • OpenOffice
  • Separate plug-in (for GIMP)
  • WINE (for running Combine ZM under Ubuntu)
  • We'd really like to thank the Scribus team for developing such a wonderful software!