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Louisville, KY leads world in book-signings 2-0

Today I had my second book-signing here Louisville, when I sold a book to a friend and signed it right on the spot. Ok, world, time to catch up!

And yes, there will be an opportunity at LGM 2009, where books will be available for purchase, AND I will be highly available for personalized book signing. Hope to see all you Scribus enthusiasts there!

On April 4, I spent an enjoyable hour in the morning with Joe Ward, here in Louisville, KY at Heine Brothers coffee shop, discussing various things about Scribus and our book. Joe arranged the meeting so I could sign his copy of the manual, and graciously gave me a signed copy of his own book, Wheeling Around Louisville, about a number of cycling tours of Louisville and Southern Indiana. I've had a chance to leaf through his book and find it a very well-written and interesting book about cycling for novices and experienced cyclers, and the bonus is a lot of bits about the history of various sites around the region.

Here's an excerpt:

Beyond the end of the parking lot, you'll see the remains of an old stone well house. It's what's left of a stockade built in 1779 by Col. John Floyd...

Turn left into Jamestown Court and stop and look over the wall into the cemetery there. John Floyd is buried there, with some members of his family. He ultimately was killed by Indians, at age 33 in 1783, but he'd had an amazing career by then. He'd surveyed land near the falls in 1774, had participated in the rescue of the Callaway girls and Jemima Boone near Boonesborough in 1776, had preyed on British shipping on the high seas in a privateer, and escaped from a British prison and made his way back to Virginia...

Joe is currently a co-editor of a neighborhood newsletter, now created with Scribus. He's in the process of handing over the reigns to his co-edtor, and is pleased to be able to share his knowledge about the existence of Scribus. I was happy to give him some useful advice about Scribus features that should make this newsletter easier.

The printer he uses for the newsletter was not only interested in Scribus, but downloaded it himself and finds much to his liking. We also discussed some workflow issues between and Scribus that should save a lot of editing time. Of course, he now has the manual to help learn all of this on his own.

Posted by G. Pittman