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This article is a candidate for deletion because it is either grossly inaccurate, misleading, or completely outdated. If you believe that this article still has value or would like to correct it please label it correctly.

Compiling and Installing using autotools

These instructions apply to Scribus 1.3.3.x SVN and below. Note that this is the end-of-life branch. No more releases are expected, so these instructions are more then likely obsolete.

If you have downloaded source from SVN, you will need to start the intial build process:

cd Scribus
make -f Makefile.svn

In order to compile and install Scribus on your system, type the following in the base directory of the Scribus distribution after uncompressing the downloaded package:

make install

The make install command will have to be done with root access if you have not run the ./configure command with a --prefix=[dir] option to specify a different install directory. The following is an example of how to configure and install into your home directory. (For more informaiton than the following line, look at the Official:Parallel_Install section for more on having more than one version of Scribus installed at once)

./configure --prefix=/usr;make;make install prefix=~/scribus/svn

If you receive warnings when running ./configure, you will need to verify the versions of autoconf and automake by running:

autoconf --version
automake --version

If they are not at least of the versions mentioned in the Requirements section, you may, depending on your distribution, need to tell it to use a higher version like following:

export WANT_AUTOCONF="2.5"
export WANT_AUTOMAKE="1.7"

Having run those two commands, recheck the versions. If they still do not comply to those required, you will need to upgrade those programs, however most distributions contain a high enough version.

Since Scribus uses autoconf, as long as you have the correct development versions of the libraries, you should have little difficulty compiling it. Should you run into problems please report them to the Scribus mailing list or IRC channel. See Community Resources section of this manual.


man scribus

will list additional info for startup.