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This document is about using Scribus Team package archive to obtain up-to-date Scribus packages for OpenSuse and on Fedora GNU/Linux distributions. The archive and packages described here are produced and supported by the Scribus Team member Peter Linnell ("mrdocs").

Available packages

Name Description Supported Distributions and branches
scribus stable (1.3.3.x) ...
scribus-ng developmental (1.4.svn) ...
fontmatrix Font manager ...

The Scribus Archive


I. Short instructions for the impatient and experienced

1. Add the repositories to package manager software

Scribus Archive source lines can be simply added to ...:

2. Add the Scribus Archive signature key

Our repositories are cryptographically signed for added security with ... key, so your package manager software could verify that our packages have not been tampered with by a third party will not produce warnings about untrusted packages being installed.

Automated way


Manual way

Get the key from any major keyserver such as:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys EEF818CF

Export the key and add it to the apt keyring.

$ gpg --armor --export EEF818CF | sudo apt-key add -

3. Install the package

Use you to install your the package you'd like to use.


$yum scribus

Note: Report bugs to the Scribus Bug Tracker not Debian or Ubuntu BTS

Do not file bug reports about the packages from the Scribus archive in the OpenSuse or Fedora Bug Tracking Systems (BTS). You are encouraged to contact the maintainer directly at plinnell(at) if you have package installation questions or for comments and suggestions about this document. If you have a Scribus issue unrelated to packaging you should use the Scribus BTS.

II. Step-by-step instructions.

These instructions are focused on OpenSuse.

Building from source

See Building Scribus from source on Debian/Ubuntu for more details.

About the Scribus Archive

There are following Scribus related packages in OpenSuse and Fedora:

Scribus applications and documentation

  • scribus (Scribus 1.3.3.x) - Stable branch. This is the recommended version to use at this time.
  • scribus-doc Scribus 1.3.3.x documentation.
  • scribus-ng (Scribus 1.3.x) - Developmental branch with new features and capabilities. Use if you really need the new features in development, but save your work often and report bugs when you encounter them.
  • scribus-ng-doc Scribus 1.3.x documentation.

Additional data, color profiles, templates, and auxiliary applications:

  • scribus-template - Additional document templates.
  • icc-profiles - A collection of common ICC profiles to use with Scribus and other color profile-aware software. You must Install this package if you want to enable color management.
  • lprof Hardware color profiler tool for creating ICC profiles to be used with Scribus.
  • qt3-qtconfig allows users to configure the look and behavior of any Qt3 application - necessary to overcome some Ubuntu problems.
  • podofo is a library to work with the PDF file format. The scribus-ng packages in the Scribus Archive are podofo-enabled.

Instructions on rebuilding the source packages are also applicable to other Debian derivatives and custom distributions not covered here. Peter Linnell plinnell(at) maintains a Scribus Team's OpenSuse/Fedora repository (Scribus Archive) that contains the newest "scribus", "scribus-doc", "scribus-ng", and "scribus-ng-doc" packages.

About this document

This how-to has been based on the Debian page in the Scribus Wiki page created by the following Scribus Wiki users: malex, mhanski, Zero0w, JureCuhalev, Cbradney, and Joolsr, ale. This page is licensed under CC BY-SA.

Keywords: OpenSuse, Fedora, .rpm, packages, repository, archive, step-by-step guide, 42.