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Open Source DTP

An unofficial, but active forum on Scribus in German. Die deutschsprachige Scribus-Community

A Beginner's Guide to Python .

This is an on-line version of Grokking the GIMP, an excellent tutorial on GIMP.

The Graphics Muse Site, after being dormant for almost 2 years has been revived and has daily news feeds and links to many Linux graphics sites. There also a number of Gimp tutorials as well.

This is a superb Linux graphics site with downloadable PDF's on everything Linux and Graphics (mostly in French). Forum sur Scribus en francais. has news and articles on 2d and 3D for Linux, as well as some tutorials.

cglinux open-source computer-graphics under linux community.

An excellent set of notes on typography measurements.

Potrace can convert and clean up scanned bitmaps into smooth and scalable vector images as EPS or SVG.