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Announcement: Experimental Page
Based on the observations of Scribus users

Needed roles and responsibilities


  • Testers for all major platforms: Linux, Windows, OS X
add table of current known testers for all platforms


  • Package manager maintainers for stable and development releases for all platforms
add table for this
  • Repo maintainers such as Github


  • Easy Hackers: folks that are interested in studying Scribus and improving it. Named for the Bugtracker label Easyhacks. See Low_Hanging_Fruit
  • Special dev groups working on specific Scribus features, bugs, design

Social Media Reps

  • Twitter
  • Google+ | Kunda | a.l.e | Jluc | Greg Pitman | Owen |
  • Forums
  • RSS aggregator aka Scribus Planet | a.l.e
  • irclogs (currently broken)


Language Teams

Translation teams for unsupported languages

List of all current language teams