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Announcement: Experimental Page
Based on the observations of Scribus users

Needed roles and responsibilities


  • We need more testers for all major platforms: Linux, Windows, OS X
Tester Alias Platform Stable Dev
FirasH Mr.T mixed w/ Chuck Norris of bug hunters openSUSE Latest HEAD
Jluc "Face"
Ale "General Stockwell"
Kunda "Howling Mad Murdoch" Primarily: OSX Latest HEAD
Laser "Piraten" Arch Latest HEAD
PeterBendeck "The Hungarian Stallion" Latest HEAD

Package Maintainers

Please fill in spots with current maintainers. If you'd like to be a package maintainer please connect with devs on the Mailing List or IRC

Platform Stable Dev
(Linux Ubuntu) Scribus Friend PPA yofel yes
(Linux) Debian malex
(Linux) Ubuntu malex
(Linux) RHEL mrdocs
(Linux) SUSE mrdocs
(Linux) CentOS mrdocs
Windows XP jghali
Windows Vista jghali
Windows 7 jghali
Windows 8 jghali
Mac OSX 10.7.x
Mac OSX 10.8.x MrB
Mac OSX 10.9.x MrB
Mac OSX 10.10.x MrB
OS/2 Warp 4 Smedles
eComStation Smedles

plinnell is an RPM package builder. mrdocs is an alias for plinell.

Code Repository Maintainers

  • Private SVN
MrB & jghali
  • Public SVN (websvn)
MrB (autosync)
  • Github
Malex manages SVN sync.
JLuc, Kunda, ale and Malex are owner of

Core Developers

"Core developers" have commit rights to the SVN repository.

  • Franz Schmid (fschmid): Founder of scribus. Now mainly involved with import and export (partnering with librevenge project), as well as all sorts of graphics handling.

  • Andreas Vox (avox): works on layout and text handling.
  • Christoph Schäfer (christoph_s): bug tracker, documentation, public relations.
  • Jean Ghali (jghali): fixes bugs, colour management, pre-press, works on the future of the Property Palette, Windows 2000+ maintainer.
  • Gregory Pittman (gregp_): documentation, Python scripts.
  • Craig Bradney (MrB): fixes bugs, Mac OS X maintainer, keeper of the project's sanity.
  • Peter Linnell (mrdocs/plinnell): RPM package maintainer, documentation.
  • Petr / subik / subik|mac

Other Devs

  • Easy Hackers: folks that are interested in studying Scribus and improving it. Named for the Bugtracker label Easyhacks. See Low_Hanging_Fruit
  • Special dev groups working on specific Scribus features, bugs, design

Bug Tracker

  • admin : MrB
  • have special rights : ale, firash, jluc, kunda, subik

Social Media Reps

  • Mailing lists


  • Twitter
    Main account
    • @scribus
    German Scribus Forum
    • @scribusforum
  • Google+
    Kunda | a.l.e | Jluc | Greg Pittman | Owen |
  • Forums
    • Utnik, | a.l.e
    • utnik?
  • RSS aggregator aka Scribus Planet
  • irclogs
    Go to Freenode IRC and type !irclogs


Language Teams

Translation teams for unsupported languages

List of all current language teams