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Scribus is a multi-platform software. It runs on Windows, MacOS X, OS/2 Warp (eComStation), BSDs, and of course the many flavors of Linux. In general, Linux distributions are the most complete sources of Scribus, though they often have outdated versions due to the release cycle timing. Scribus for Windows and MacOS X is generally provided by the Scribus team and Community members who also provide OS/2 and BSD installer and ports. If you are interested in helping out the following shows IRC nicks of the people working on packaging.

Nick OS Release Package format
jghali Windows Win2k, WinXP, Win7 .exe installers
mrdocs Linux Suse, Fedora, and Mandriva .rpm
MrB MacOS X 10.6+ .dmg
malex Linux Debian/Ubuntu .deb