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Bienvenido al wiki de Scribus en Español (actualmente en construcción)

Scribus es una aplicación de Autoedición de código abierto disponible para Linux y otros sabores de Unix y sistemas similares incluyendo Mac OS X y eComStation respectivamente, y Windows. The Scribus Wiki has been created in order to give users a place to put HOWTOs, tips and hints on using Scribus and DTP.

The documentation available here has been contributed by Scribus users for Scribus users and is not authorised by the Scribus team — for official documentation please see Scribus Online Documentation

Scribus newbies are strongly recommended to start with our Get Started with Scribus tutorial.
Ubuntu and Kubuntu Users are strongly advised to review Getting Scribus on Ubuntu/Kubuntu up and running

Here is an Index which may also be of some help as you have questions about usage or are looking for hints about how to accomplish a particular task.

Please see Your first Scribus Wiki article for information on account creation.

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Scribus has switched to Subversion (from CVS)!

Scribus 1.3.4 has been released!

Scribus 1.3.5 using Qt4 is getting closer to release!

Getting Started with the Wiki

Please see documentation on customizing the MediaWiki interface and the MediaWiki User's Guide for wiki usage and configuration help.

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Open Clipart Project
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Copyright Notice

Please read the Licensing page for some information about the Scribus sites and their copyright licenses.

DTP and Scribus Concepts