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Judit Morena, the graphics designer


Personas judit.png
Photo: funadium

Judith is 32, and has been working as a graphics designer in Barcelona for some years now. She is specialized in typography, and creates book-layouts for several customers.

Recently, she started her own business and has to get some more equipment. She needs a professional layout software that can handle a lot of data, provides all sorts of typography features, and is fast in processing. She does not mind to spend some time in learning new software, as long as it is fast (and efficient) after she has learned it.

Her focus in DTP Programs is:

  • The possibility to improve the layout process. That includes the handling of styles, master pages, footnotes, indexes etc.
  • Flexibility.

She is not interested in:

  • Judith will not manipulate pictures in a layout program. She gets the pictures in a perfect quality from the illustrator she is working with.