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  • Linux Format No. 96 has a 4 page article about Scribus, actually done in Scribus. The 4 pages were exported to PDF and imported just like in their normal workflow.
  • Free Desktop Publisher Scribus Is Worth a Look. Positive review on MacNewsWorld.
  • Scribus dla początkujących – introduction to making PDF presentations with Scribus in the June issue of the Polish Linux+ magazine (free PDF download)
  • Scribus is mentioned as one the "fantastic open source alternatives" that justify a migration to Linux on Intranet Journal
  • Scribus reviewed on
  • How to create poster presentations with Scribus". Article on
  • Scribus 1.3.4 released with rewritten text layout engine (Article about 1.3.4 on
  • Scribus 1.3.4: Freie DTP-Software mit vielen Neuerungen (German article about 1.3.4 on
  • Scribus 1.3.4 veröffentlicht (Short article in the German Linux-Magazin)
  • Scribus in Version 1.3.4 erschienen (Short article in German on pro-linux)
  • Scribus, la PAO pour tous (article in French on 20 minutes, page 28)
  • Schriftsetzer. Sieben günstige DTP-Programme für Windows, Linux und Mac OS X. (in German, compares 7 DTP-programs for less than 250€, author: Peter König, printed in c't 18/07, pages 114-119)