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  • Pingwin Publisher - The Polish ENTER magazine, April 2005 issue, has a nice 3 page review on Lyx and Scribus, including a quick guide to create a new publication (in Polish language, no online version available)
  • A Free DTP Studio - The French Mac magazine SVM Mac nº 169, Feb. 2005 Issue has an 8-page "Dossier" on Open Source DTP apps. Featuring Scribus 1.2, Gimp 2.0 and Inkscape 0.39, all running on a Mac under X11 (online version)
  • Linux as a Publishing Platform - Linux Journal article
  • FOSDEM 2005: Scribus in the Commercial DTP World - Interview with Craig Bradney and Peter Linnell on
  • Linux Magazine, Issue 51: February 2005 - Desktop publishing in Linux - Putting the finishing touches on our Scribus Linux newspaper (no online version available)
  • Linux Magazine, Issue 50: January 2005 - Desktop publishing in Linux - Professional typography and layout with Scribus (no online version available)
  • Linux Format issue 64 - mentioned in cover feature "Stop paying for software" (no online version available)