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==Some Scribus-Logos==
==Some Scribus-Logos==

Implemented as Inkscape-SVG-file[]
Download the [ Inkscape-SVG-file]

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Put Scribus icons, logos, and other promotional stuff here. Upload your PNG files first, place them on this page, and link them to the URL's with the original vector graphics, preferrably in the SVG file format. Use a vector graphics editor like Inkscape to export SVG files to bitmap images of the desired size/resolution.



Official Scribus icon: download the SVG file.

Hiddenfortress net scribus.png

Another Scribus icon provided by Paul Davidson (more files available at ). Download the SVG file.

Scribus made3.png

Yet another icon for including into documents made with Scribus, provided by Owen Cook. Download the SVG file.


Banner for your own homepage: Please link this banner to

Some Scribus-Logos

Download the Inkscape-SVG-file