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Default Keyboard Shortcuts for Scribus 1.3.x

I'm initially laying this out in order of keys so we can keep them mapped easily. We can build a by functional area version once we complete this list a little more.

Function Keys

Function Shortcut
Show Help Manual F1
Show Layers Palette F6
Toggle All Palettes F10
Toggle All Guides F11
Insert Unicode Character F12 + 4 digit hex value

Control, Shift, Alt Keys

Function Shortcut
Select All Control-A
Deselect All Control-Shift-A
Copy Control-C
Item Duplicate Control-D
Search and Replace Control-F
Lock Item Control-L
Lock Item Size Control-Shift-L
Group Items Control-G
Document Information Control-I
Delete Item Control-K
New File Control-N
Open File Control-O
Print Control-P
Quit Control-Q
Save Control-S
Save As Control-Shift-S
Ungroup Item Control-U
Paste Control-V
Close File Control-W
Cut Control-X
Edit with Story Editor Control-Y
Undo Control-Z
Redo Control-Shift-Z
Select All Control-A
DeSelect All Control-Shift-A
Zoom to fit Control-0
Zoom to 100% Control-1
Zoom In Control-Plus
Zoom Out Control-Minus
Smart Hyphen Control-Shift-Minus
Non Breaking Space Control-Space
Insert Page Number Control-Alt-Shift-P
Raise Control-Home
Lower Control-End
Raise to top Home
Lower to bottom End
New Line Shift-Return
Frame Break Control-Return
Column Break Control-Shift-Return
Stacked Objects, next in Z-order Control-Shift-LMouse
Resizing object when other object on top Control-drag

Looking at the Gnome HIG, wonder if you would consider Ctrl++ for Zoom in and Ctrl+- for Zoom out?
Inkscape and Gimp just use + or - --Cbradney 10:05, 19 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Votes++ --Joeboy 17:53, 19 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Went with Control +/- so you can still zoom while typing. --Cbradney 23:39, 2 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Wonder if you would consider for the Story Editor

Ctrl+Shift+U for 'Update Text Frame and Exit' ?

(Ctrl+U is 'Update Text Frame')

I'm still to rewrite the menu system for Story Editor --Cbradney 23:39, 2 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Normal Keys

Function Shortcut
A Insert Table Frame
B Insert Bezier Curve
C Select (Temporary until the rest are sorted out)
E Edit Contents (text in a text frame, or image location in an image frame)
F Insert Freehand Line
I Insert Image Frame
N Link Text Frame
L Insert Line
P Insert Polygon
R Rotate
S Insert Shape
T Insert Text Frame
U Unlink Text Frame
Z Zoom