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This wiki is capable of letting users download raw code embedded into the pages. Please see Mediawiki_RawFile for more details, especially the examples at the Examples page.

With 'syntaxhighlight' tag

In short, so as to cite python script code with proper syntax hilight, use the following tag <syntaxhighlight lang='python'> and close your cite with </syntaxhighlight> THIS WORKS.

Exeample :

def getCSVdata():
    """opens a csv file, reads it in and returns a 2 dimensional list with the data"""
    csvfile = scribus.fileDialog("csv2table :: open file", "*.csv")
    if csvfile != "":
            reader = csv.reader(file(csvfile))
            for row in reader:
                for col in row:
            return datalist
        except Exception,  e:
            scribus.messageBox("csv2table", "Could not open file %s"%e)

With 'source'

  • Use either <source lang=xxxxx></source> tags where xxxxx is the language such as 'bash', 'python', 'cpp' and so on around your code snippets

or for more power use the specially designed {{#fileanchor: myotherscript.sh}} and {{#filelink: myotherscript.sh}} templates as shown in the long example.

/*! docstring */
QT_TR_NOOP("repeatText(n, [\"name\"])\n\
Repeat the text of the text frame \"name\" n times.\n\
If \"name\" is not given the currently selected item is used.\n"
/*! Repeat text */
PyObject * scribus_repeattext(PyObject * /*self*/, PyObject * args);