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Release management

Before the release

  • t - 2 weeks: Alert the translators (how? where is scribus-translate list) to update interface translations. String freeze is in effect from now until release. Update and commit new ts files
  • t - 3 days: Finish the release notes, changelog, and the PR spiel for the mailing list and wiki/website.
  • t - 1 day: Commit a new splash and about screen image, and update all versions in a number of source code locations:
    • Scribus/scribus.lsm
    • Scribus/config.h.cmake
    • Scribus/CMakeLists.txt
    • Scribus/scribusversions.xml
    • Scribus/README
    • Scribus/
    • Scribus/OSX-package/inputs/Info.plist
    • Scribus/OSX-package/inputs/Scribus.pkg-Info.plist:
  • t - 1 days Prepare a packager's release tarball and alert the packagers.

Release day

  • Prepare a signed .bz2 source tarball and upload both the tarball and the signature to SourceForge.
  • Send a Release email to the mailing list.

After the release

Things that have to be done / updated after each release:

  • Update the current version in the wiki or

After Specific releases

Things that have to be done / updated after a specific release (remove them as soon as they're done)

  • 1.4: remove the version reference in "If you are using 1.4's release candidates, please be sure to check the online manual (F1)" on [1].

Other things to check

Here is a list of things to check from time to time (and which are not tightly related to the releases). You may also put in this list things which are only temporarily on the website and have to be removed in the future.