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<!-- Row 6 -->
<!-- Row 6 -->
| [http://kldp.net/projects/unfonts/ UnFonts]
| [http://kldp.net/projects/unfonts/ UnFonts]
| UnBatang, UnBom, UnDotum, UnGraphic, UnGungseo, UnJamoBatang, UnJamoDotum, UnJamoNovel
| UnBatang, UnBom, UnDotum, UnGraphic, UnGungseo, UnJamoBatang, UnJamoDotum, UnJamoNovel

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This article is part of the HOWTOs series.
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The following list should provide an overview of free and non-free fonts known to behave well on screen and/or in print. Anyone is invited to add his favourite fonts and comment on his experience with them. If you don't feel like playing with the table entries, just hit the Discussion tab and describe your fonts in plain text, and other users will insert an table row for you, then.

The table columns and their meaning:

  • Font Repository -- Source of fonts and link if applicable
  • Fonts -- List of included font families and/or faces
  • Quality/Suitability -- What quality level the fonts are at and what they are well suited for, eg pro printing, home printing. Generally 'pro' - ie professional printing on RIPs - can be assumed to include less demanding uses too.
  • Known issues? -- Any problems that may occur. Most fonts with any known problems should simply be avoided, but sometimes there are valid reasons to use them anyway - so long as you know there may be consequences.
  • Coverage -- Notes about the fonts' glyph coverage and, if known, encoding.
  • Licensing -- Extremely brief licensing/availability/conditions and licensing link where possible. E.g. "free," "free for non-commercial use," "commercial"
  • Comments -- Any additional information you consider important

Font list

Font table
Font Repository / Font Family /Link Fonts Type Quality/Suitability Known issues? Encoding & Coverage Licensing Comments

Lido ? OTF or TTF ? (at least fairly decent) ? Latin-1 / ISO-8859-1? No cost for non-commercial use  
Artifex Ghostscript TTF ? TTF Pro quality ? Latin-1 / ISO-8859-1? Free Includes URW fonts shipped with most Linux distros, but also some additional font families, like URW Classico and a Garamond. Donated by URW.
CorelDraw fonts ? (lots) TTF, PS Mixed Some inferior quality fonts included, be careful. Unknown Commercial High quality Bitstream fonts. Copies of Corel Draw can often be picked up cheap, but these fonts are in no way free.
Gentium fonts Gentium ? ? ? Unicode3, see here for more details Free See the samples
Antykwa Toruńska fonts ? Type1, TTF, OTF ? ? Unicode, QX, cp1250, StandardEncoding, Cyrillic, Greek Free Mainly used for typesetting of small prints.

UnFonts UnBatang, UnBom, UnDotum, UnGraphic, UnGungseo, UnJamoBatang, UnJamoDotum, UnJamoNovel
 UnJamoSora, UnPen, UnPenheulim, UnPilgi, UnShinmun, UnTaza, UnYetgul
TTF ? ? Korean? Free - GPL While the project page is listed as pre-alpha, the fonts are >= 1.0 and seem solid.