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* Finish all current (as of December 2012) projects, but don't start new ones, so we can announce a feature freeze.
* Finish all current (as of December 2012) projects, but don't start new ones, so we can announce a feature freeze.
* Qt 5 Port.
* <s>Qt 5 Port.</s> '''DONE'''
* Finish the Picture Browser.
* Finish the Picture Browser.

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It is now time to plan for the release of 1.5.0, because the number of new features is so huge that a new major release is more than justified. Instead of adding more new features, we need to stabilise, update and polish the existing ones.

Here's a list of issues that need to be resolved before we can release 1.5.0:

  • Finish all current (as of December 2012) projects, but don't start new ones, so we can announce a feature freeze.
  • Qt 5 Port. DONE
  • Finish the Picture Browser.
  • Add tooltips where necessary (there are many missing).
  • Check all UI strings for coherent spelling (there are lots of inconsistencies).
  • As soon as Cezary has finished his different projects, the functionality must be refined, and the existing different dialogs have to be integrated into existing ones (e.g. PP, Style Manager, Prefs etc.).
  • Improved and new import filters need to be tested. Here's my assessment of the current status:
    • Adobe Illustrator (AI): Probably one of the best AI importers outside Adobe's product range. Excellent, but some more testing might not hurt.
    • Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDS): This needs a lot more testing and improvements. Testers should also try to import ICML (InCopy), as ICML is a subset of IDML. If successful, we could add ICML to the list of supported file formats. See: http://blogs.adobe.com/indesignsdk/2009/03/idml_file_types.html. Please add files that cannot be imported correctly to: http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=11312.
    • CGM: This one needs more testing to get rid of existing issues. Please add files that cannot be imported correctly to: http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=11313.
    • CVG: No issues, since it is a simple format.
    • DIA Shapes: Also simple and no known issues.
    • EPS: Reliable, no stress tests needed.
    • KIVIO Stencils: Same as DIA Shapes.
    • Macintosh PICT: Seems to work flawlessly but more feedback from Mac OS users would be welcome.
    • Micrografx Draw (DRW): Works flawlessly (tested with a huge collection of DRW files from a Micrografx CD).
    • ODG and SXD: They need an update, but please don't start working on it in 1.5svn. This can be done after the release. An easy workaround is described in the Online Help. No testing required, since the issues are known.
    • OpenSceneGraph: Franz has added support for 3d Annotations (frames that import and render 3d data) using OpenSceneGraph (OSG). While the OSG test files render flawlessly, OSG supports many other file formats, such as AutoDesk or Wavefront. See the drop-down list in the 3d Annotations file dialog. Please test extensively!
    • PDF: Franz has put a tremendous amount of work into PDF import, including import of PDF forms. Please test a lot, so we can get this right!
    • PostScript: Also many improvements. Please test extensively!
    • PUB (Microsoft Publisher): Using libmspub, the import capabilities should at least be equal to LibreOffice. Intensive testing required! IN PROGRESS (fschmid)
    • SVG: As with ODG and SXD, the limitations are known, and a major rewrite would be necessary to improve the current situation. No intensive testing needed.
    • Uniconvertor: The most important test case would be CorelDraw files. Please test extensively with CDR (7–X4) and CMX files. Note that you have to cross-check with Inkscape's import. Bug reports only have merit if a file can be imported into Inkscape, but not into Scribus.
    • WMF: Solid since 1.3.5. No stress tests required.
    • WordPerfect Graphics (WPG): This is a new filter, but it's a simple clipart format, and has already been tested with a full set shipped with WordPerfect Suite. No stress tests required.
    • Xara (XAR): While XAR is a powerful format, Franz had a huge set of complex test files when he wrote the filter. Some more testing may be in order, but it seems to work flawlessly.
    • XPress Tags: Once the currently existing crash bug (http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=11296) has been fixed, the XTG import into text frames needs extensive testing. If you test, please make sure you are actually testing with XPress Tag files (Xtags is something different, and there are other file types using the *.xtg extension). An XPress Tag file begins with something like this:
      Please add files that cannot be imported correctly to: http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=11311
    • As for raster image filters, a PGF filter and GraphicsMagick integration have been added. PGF isn't (yet) wide-spread, and it has been written with the help of a clear and clean spec, as well as a test suite, so we expect no issues. Formats that can be imported using GraphicsMagick (http://www.graphicsmagick.org/formats.html), especially some more or less exotic ones, need testing, though.
  • Feature testing:
    • Franz has added many new PDF Form features that need testing. I suggest using an Adobe Acrobat Manual to try to figure out how everything is supposed to work.
    • PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-4 have been added as export formats. For those with a copy of Acrobat and tools like PitStop, please test the exporter extensively for conformance to the spec.
    • We have a completely new table implementation. Please test extensively to let the developers find out what needs to be modified in terms of features and usability.
    • Calligraphic pen.
    • Mesh Gradients.
  • Reasonable feature updates:
    I suggest updating certain features to reflect Scribus's (or external tools') current feature sets.
    • Text Filter: Add character styles.
    • Barcode Generator: The Barcode Writer has seen many updates since its inclusion in Scribus. It would probably be easy to update the plug-in, as it would mostly mean updating the list of supported barcodes.
      • As the author of Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript I would be happy to provide technical assistance to any Scribus developer to wishes to refresh this feature -- Terry Burton. DONE
  • Usability:
    While we already have a breathtaking number of new features, not all of them are exactly user-friendly. This needs to be fixed before the release of 1.5.0.
    • Symbols: Probably the most unintuitive new feature. Since it has been created with Illustrator in mind, it should work in a similar fashion, or, to ensure coherence within Scribus, like the Scrapbook.
    • Inline Frames dialog is unintuitive and incoherent. Like the Symbols dialog, it's just an empty box, and if an Inline Frame has been removed, it nevertheless remains in the box. If that's intended, it should work like the Scrapbook, i.e., it should be possible to insert an IF via the dialog.
    • Refactoring of the PP needs to be finished. It's still an ever growing monster that takes way too much screen estate. I know, a lot of work, but definitely worth the efforts.
  • Integrate support for Indic scripts as announced by Anil.
  • Documentation:
    Once the polishing and fine-tuning has been done, the doc writers and the translators need to get up to speed and update the current docs, as well as create new ones.
  • Misc:
    • Non-disruptive items from Alessandro Rimoldi's personal roadmap can (and should) be added.
  • Open questions:
    • What happened to Scripter2?