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Ancient Bug Fixed

January 4, 2010

Reports are now circulating about the recent excavation and "fixing" of a long-standing bug which has been haunting Scribus for many versions. A recent post to the mailing list by LD pointed to this event, noting that inexplicably there was no major news conference scheduled for this announcement.

"We need people to know that such a long-time bug has been solved!", said LD.

The bug in question, #1908, submitted in the near-prehistoric 05-Apr-22, by a reporter only identifying himself as ikaratzas, mentions that he was having problems with dead keys while trying to use Scribus for (presumably ancient) Greek.

In an official response, mrdocs said, "The fact that there are many resolved, but unclosed bugs is simply a matter of lack of managment up to now. I have been regression testing some of these bugs against all the current development versions to ensure the fixes do not interfere or cause other problems for future releases."

He went on to credit archaeologic programmer Andreas Vox for doing the painstaking excavation, investigation, and correction of the errant commands required to finally extinguish this troublesome creature.

Bug #1686 was reported 05-Feb-19 and resolved 10-Dec-13. Comment made on IRC that the "The bug system works" elicited a response from mrdocs, "no, we work"