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Announcement: Extremely Experimental OSX Build
Updated 2015/07/09
Any feedback contact: kundaatscribusdotnet
Most up to date instructions on Github


Homebrew is a MacOSX Package Manager. Currently it is the younger of the Package Managers available[1][2].

What is Homebrew doing behind the scenes

Essentially by using Homebrew, one can automatically:

  • download the source code directly from SVN
runs: svn switch svn:// /Library/Caches/Homebrew/scribus--svn-HEAD
svn up --force /Library/Caches/Homebrew/scribus--svn-HEAD
  • download the dependencies Scribus needs to compile
  • run the compiler on the source with the appropriate flags
  • generate the Scribus executable
Builds the code with cmake
  • install Scribus executable by placing it in /usr/local/Cellar/


Problem Solution
Quickly upload all log files to a GitHub gist brew gist-logs scribus

Note: If your installation fails then collect log files to the email in the announcement at the top of the page or via:


Moved to GitHub


  • freenode #scribus MrB, s_uv, a-l-e, jghali
  • freenode #machomebrew mistym, durka42, Argon]