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This article is part of the HOWTOs series.
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This document will try to tell you, how to do your first steps with Scribus without teaching you, how to use Scribus or how to do DTP.

It is not really a brilliant idea to go this way: you should really read one of the several tutorials before starting to work with Scribus:

  • links to several tutorials

You have been warned: Reading this document will help you in putting together a document with Scribus, but it won't really help you to do a good job.

Creating a new document

  • size
  • measurement unit
  • adding pages
  • setting guides

Adding content

  • create text and picture frames
  • filling and editing text frames
  • concateanting text frames
  • filling picture frames
  • inline pictures
  • adding page numbers to the master page

Producing the document

  • printing (if it fails go through exporting to pdf)
  • exporting to pdf
  • collecting the document

What will be difficult to do

  • lists
  • mathematic formulas
  • imposing (a booklet)

What you won't be able to do

  • footnotes
  • index
  • edit pdfs