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This article is part of the HOWTOs series.
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Work in progress: this document is still only a draft!

This document will tell you, how to do your first steps with Scribus without teaching you, how to use Scribus or how to do DTP.

It is not a brilliant idea to go this way: you should really read one of the several tutorials before starting to work with Scribus:

You have been warned: Reading this document will help you putting a document together, but it won't really help you to do a good job.

Last check before we start: what version are you using? Well, if you're beginning with Scribus, you really should be susing the

Creating a new document

  • size
  • measurement unit
  • adding pages
  • setting guides

Adding content

  • create text and picture frames
  • filling and editing text frames
  • concateanting text frames
  • filling picture frames
  • inline pictures
  • adding page numbers to the master page

Producing the document

  • printing (if it fails go through exporting to pdf)
  • exporting to pdf
  • collecting the document

What will be difficult to do

  • lists
  • mathematic formulas
  • imposing (a booklet)

What you won't be able to do

  • footnotes
  • index
  • edit pdfs