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Here are some ideas regarding DTP Live CD.

The aim of this project is to create a costume GNU/Linux Live CD bundled with FOSS applications used in Desktop Publishing field. This is to make it ready out-of-box for non Linux users and newcomers, and any one else as well.

base distro

I think Ubuntu is a good choice for a base distro, because:

  • Being a debian based distro, so we can benefit from all debian technologies (like apt) and community support as well.
  • It is one of the most widely used distros these days, it has a very wide user base and well established community support.
  • Virtually any piece of software available for debian is available for ubuntu at the same time, which mean we've an extensive set of available applications.

Software to be included

First thing we should include Scribus in the CD ;)


I think KDE is a good choice being feature full with nice interface, but we might run out of space, so we should consider replacing it with a lighter environment.




It may be a good idea to bundle it with an OCR application with easy to use GUI.



  • PDF editor