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Here are some ideas regarding DTP Live CD.

The aim of this project is to create a costume GNU/Linux Live CD bundled with FOSS applications used in Desktop Publishing field. This is to make it ready out-of-box for non Linux users and newcomers, and any one else as well.

base distro

I think Ubuntu is a good choice for a base distro, because:

  • Being a debian based distro, so we can benefit from all debian technologies (like apt) and community support as well.
  • It is one of the most widely used distros these days, it has a very wide user base and well established community support.
  • Virtually any piece of software available for debian is available for ubuntu at the same time, which mean we've an extensive set of available applications.

Be careful: (K)Ubuntu's version of Qt has some nasty bugs that cause issues with Scribus and other Qt based programs. I suggest you use Debian/Knoppix instead.

Software to be included

First thing we should include Scribus in the CD ;)


I think KDE is a good choice being feature full with nice interface, but we might run out of space, so we should consider replacing it with a lighter environment.




It may be a good idea to bundle it with an OCR application with easy to use GUI.



  • PDF editor