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Sponsors and Special Supporters

Scribus development is directly sponsored by:

LM logo 4c.thumbnail.jpg

Linux-Magazin Germany sponsors one of the Scribus developers.


Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie sponsors a Scribus developer working on complex script support in 2010.

Modirum Logo.png

Modirum employs Eirik Øverby of Anduin.net. Anduin.net hosts Scribus infrastructure including all websites, subversion repository, and the mailing list.

Scribus development is directly or indirectly supported by:

De Telefoongids, The Netherlands De Telefoongids, The Netherlands

dtp Studio dtp studio Oldenburg, Germany

Serenity Systems, USA Serenity Systems, USA

Marabu-Druckfarben, Germany Marabu-Druckfarben, Germany

Resene Colours, New Zealand Resene Colours, New Zealand

Singapore Reizen, The Netherlands Singapore Reizen, The Netherlands

Vector Portal Vector Portal