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Anyone is invited to describe her/his experience with successfully using Scribus in her/his projects. Please note: to report any unusual reasons you use Scribus join the ongoing discussion Stupid reasons we use Scribus. There is also a special page for placing links to your work: Made with Scribus. If you want to recommend a Scribus and/or PDF friendly print shop, please use Scribus Friendly Print Shops.


Livre : Premiers Pas en Permaculture

Reporter: JLuc

Date: March 2012

This book has been our biggest project with Scribus. It was a pleasure to use Scribus 1.4 to build the color cover and the 128 inside pages, each with a couple of technical drawings. Some pages are made of included PDFs. You can get the book on

Here is the cover and a sample of inside pages of the PDF with crop marks and other printer marks.

Couv1&4 S.JPG 2pagesfacing.jpg