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== The Windmills of Time ==
== The Windmills of Time ==
'''Reporter:''' Elthommo
'''Reporter:''' Elthommo
'''Date:''' June, 2014
'''Date:''' June, 2014
[[File:ElThommo-booklets.jpg|thumb|500px|Booklets galore. Read more on the [http://windmillsoftime.wordpress.com/ (project blog).] ]]
[[File:ElThommo-booklets.jpg|thumb|500px|Booklets galore. Read more on the [http://windmillsoftime.wordpress.com/ (project blog).] ]]

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The Windmills of Time

Reporter: Elthommo

Date: June, 2014

Booklets galore. Read more on the (project blog).

Near my home is the Windmill Hill City farm. Built upon wasteland by volunteers, it has remained a very important hub for the local community. I was delighted to gain the opportunity to work as the graphic designer for their new project “Windmills of Time”. The new projects purpose being to engage and educate visitors to the farm in local history, the history of the farm and the farm environment itself. Working closely with the project manager, the project was divided into a few distinct areas:

  • A nature trail using brass rubbings to engage younger visitors whilst educating older visitors on how a gardener needs the creepy crawlies that share the earth.
  • A booklet and trail to inform and entertain visitors with tales from the local areas history.
  • A nature trail for younger visitor utilising carved posts installed by a previous project.

For me, I felt it was important to keep to an open and community centric workflow so the tools I used are:

Ubuntu Gnome operating system. Scribus, layout and desktop publishing. Inkscape, drawings/ illustrations. GIMP, photo enhancement.

Feeding me with the raw materials were:

Anita MacCallum, project manager authored the text.

Silvia Carrus supplied the illustrations.

I found that Scribus under Ubuntu needed the icc colour profile package installed before it could correctly export to CMYK and I needed to calibrate my monitor. My monitor has this Samsung Magic Angle feature, I fount from trial and error that the standing mode whilst sitting gave me the most accurate representation of colour.


Reporter: Pygmee

Date: May, 2014

Axonais's first cover

French local newspaper, weekly in tabloid format, quadri, 12000 copies. First issue published 2014/05/21. 10 person journalist team. Sells for 1,7 euros. Main reason for using Scribus is financial. The team is based on Oise hebdo journalist (other weekly) that used previously Xpress. Change to Scribus has been quite easy and some were happy to find handy functionalities in Scribus. Printing worked well based on an analysis of printshop job options :)

Promotion Domotica Board

Reporter: DigiDio

Date: May, 2014

FIB 01.jpg

Domotica Promo Board We organized a small promotion day for customers. Our topic of that day was Domotica. So in a hurry we had to make board with a couple electronic devices on it like a Camera, power plugs a central connection box, sensors and so on. What we did was made a new design sticker in Scribus v1.4.3 everything was based on a Domotica manufacturer to promote there stuff. After creating this sticker we paste it on two coated boards who where fixed together. The next step was to mount all the extra Domotica electronic devices, including led strokes. After all it was a big job with a lot of work and it worked very well on that day. And for the sticker design itself we got a lot of amazing reactions and yes it was a very high quality coated sticker.

1. Placed extra plastic strokes on the edges / 2. mount a electric device on top of the board, 3. The final result on that day / 4. Scribus screenshot

Perfect job Scribus, developers and the community.

Allround Magazine Publications

Reporter: DigiDio

Date: April, 2014

OB 01.jpg

Magazine Publications After I created some internal and external design stuff they asked me to do some DTP work on magazine publications. Mostly A5 type of expressions. Overall work, dealing with company logos and colors swatches. Some small things tackled in the workflow but for sure at the end the prepress results where perfectly good. It feels good to see that it can handle easily the work that was needed. All created with Scribus version v1.4.3

These days I am designing a technical installation manual and waiting for the big release on Scribus v1.5.x

Special thanks goes to the Scribus Developers and community.

Flossmanuals 3D printing series

Reporter: Pygmee

Date: March 2014


Layout and printing of 3 small french books about 3D printing with free software, made by Cédric Gémy and Elisa de Castro Guerra, both graphic designer and teacher at activdesign school. They have particularly beenthe occasion to test the result of drop shadow printing which just went perfectly and new style options like bullets. Each of those books are about 100 pages and the Blender for 3D printing as been printed full-color. They are all available for reading on fmfr collaborative platform as they are free content, but layout can only be bought on [their shop].

Allround DTP Publications

Reporter: DigiDio

Date: March, 2014

SC 03b700px.jpg

Interior and Exterior design In 2013 I started to use Scribus for doing some art work, mostly stuff like interior and exterior designs. Meaning that I had my focus on sticker items like glass sticker (1), a small billboard sticker (2), car logos and small parking plates (3). The focus on this project was details in art and a high prepress level. Overall the results where perfectly fine as I can speak of professional excepted results. Today 2014 doing DTP expressions again mostly publications like flyers, small articles, logo design and designing manuals. Later on I will post more of my DTP work created with Scribus v1.4.3

Special thanks to the Scribus community. Great application

GIMP Magazine

Reporter: Kunda

Date: January, 2014



GIMP Magazine uses Scribus to create and publish it's quarterly publication using Scribus 1.4.1 on Windows Vista. The publication is in it's 6th issue. The final product is professionally printed through http://gimpmagazine.magcloud.com and offered on http://issuu.com/gimpmagazine and http://gimpmagazine.org. The publication is nearing 1 million impressions on Issuu and has well over 10,000 followers.

In addition
Steve Czajka uses Scribus to design artistically styled brochures, certificates and a number of document types – Scribus 1.4.1 on Windows Vista. SteveCzajka has successfully used GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus (all open source software) to create these documents. A full article on creating brocuhures using Scribus can be found at http://gimpmagazine.org/issue2 (p.80) and other examples can be found at http://flickr.com/photos/steveczajka and on http://youtube.com/steveczajka. Steve Czajka also offers a complete Scribus course available for download at http://gimpmagazine.org/courses

Handbook for Editors of Malayalam Wikipedia

Reporter: Anilkumar KV

Date: January, 2014

Malayam wikipedia handbook1.jpg

A Handbook for Editors of Malayalam Wikipedia is published by Malayalam Wikipedia Community, layout for which is done with indic supported version of Scribus 1.5 This book is published during the annual meet up of Malayalm Wikipedia Community named WikiSangamothsavam

Most probably this one may be the first book in an Indian language for which layout is done with he Scribus 1.5 ( version with indic support).

The soft copy of this book is available for download at

A handbook for Malayalam Wikipedia Editors

(Note Download the file for reading, The embedded pdf reader in Wikimedia commons site has some rendering issue with Indic Unicode)

Thanks to scribus community for providing this wonderful software.

NABU Korbach

Reporter: Markus Grosche

Date: January, 2014


I made an 80-page brochure for the 75th anniversary of a nature conservation group in Germany - NABU Korbach - with Scribus and Inkscape. It was the first project of this size for me. Before that I only used Scribus for fliers. Because of many, partly two-sided, pictures I eventually had to upgrade my pc from 2 to 4gb of RAM. I am very satisfied with Scribus and the printing house had no problems with the Scribus-generated PDF.