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Anyone is invited to describe her/his experience with successfully using Scribus in her/his projects. Please note: to report any unusual reasons you use Scribus join the ongoing discussion Stupid reasons we use Scribus. There is also a special page for placing links to your work: Made with Scribus. If you want to recommend a Scribus and/or PDF friendly print shop, please use Scribus Friendly Print Shops.

GIMP Magazine

Reporter: Kunda

Date: January, 2014



GIMP Magazine uses Scribus to create and publish it's quarterly publication using Scribus 1.4.1 on Windows Vista. The publication is in it's 6th issue. The final product is professionally printed through and offered on and The publication is nearing 1 million impressions on Issuu and has well over 10,000 followers.

In addition
Steve Czajka uses Scribus to design artistically styled brochures, certificates and a number of document types – Scribus 1.4.1 on Windows Vista. SteveCzajka has successfully used GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus (all open source software) to create these documents. A full article on creating brocuhures using Scribus can be found at (p.80) and other examples can be found at and on Steve Czajka also offers a complete Scribus course available for download at

Handbook for Editors of Malayalam Wikipedia

Reporter: Anilkumar KV

Date: January, 2014

Malayam wikipedia handbook1.jpg

A Handbook for Editors of Malayalam Wikipedia is published by Malayalam Wikipedia Community, layout for which is done with indic supported version of Scribus 1.5 This book is published during the annual meet up of Malayalm Wikipedia Community named WikiSangamothsavam

Most probably this one may be the first book in an Indian language for which layout is done with he Scribus 1.5 ( version with indic support).

The soft copy of this book is available for download at

A handbook for Malayalam Wikipedia Editors

(Note Download the file for reading, The embedded pdf reader in Wikimedia commons site has some rendering issue with Indic Unicode)

Thanks to scribus community for providing this wonderful software.

NABU Korbach

Reporter: Markus Grosche

Date: January, 2014


I made an 80-page brochure for the 75th anniversary of a nature conservation group in Germany - NABU Korbach - with Scribus and Inkscape. It was the first project of this size for me. Before that I only used Scribus for fliers. Because of many, partly two-sided, pictures I eventually had to upgrade my pc from 2 to 4gb of RAM. I am very satisfied with Scribus and the printing house had no problems with the Scribus-generated PDF.