Summer of code 2007

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Google Summer of Code

Scribus has been accepted into Google Summer of Code 2007.

  • application
  • list of ideas
  • list of supporters
  • program timeline
    • DONE - March 5: Mentoring organizations can begin submitting applications to Google
    • DONE - March 12: Mentoring organization application deadline
    • DONE - March 13: Google program administrators review organization applications
    • DONE - March 14: List of accepted mentoring organizations published on; student application period opens
    • March 24: Student application deadline
      • Interim Period: Mentoring organizations review and rank student proposals; where necessary, mentoring organizations may request further proposal detail from the student applicant
    • April 9: List of accepted student applications published on
      • Interim Period: Students learn more about their project communities
    • May 28: Students begin coding for their GSoC projects; Google begins issuing initial student payments
    • Interim Period: Mentors give students a helping hand and guidance on their projects
    • July 9: Students upload code to; mentors begin mid-term evaluations
    • July 16: Mid-term evaluation deadline; Google begins issuing mid-term student payments
    • August 20: Students upload code to; mentors begin final evaluations; students begin final program evaluations
    • August 31: Final evaluation deadline; Google begins issuing student and mentoring organization payments